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  • Employer: Education Coaching Services
  • Type of Position: Internship
  • Industry: Education and Training
  • Location: Nationwide, VA
  • Salary Range: Unpaid - although the Learning Coach Intern m

Learning Coach Intern

The Learning Coach Intern will utilize the educational platform provided by Education Coaching Services to develop their professional skills. The role of the Learning Coach Intern is to work directly with the parent/guardian to determine the Childs Learning Style, conduct academic assessments & develop an effective training plan to strengthen identified deficiencies. The LC Intern will provide a combination of written educational materials and a web-based Adaptive Diagnostic tool, built for Common Core, which strengthens the child’s academic deficiencies with tangible, measurable results. The resources used will strengthen the child’s self confidence in their ability to learn and apply skills that are easy to remember.

The ECS Learning Coach Internship is for a maximum duration of 3 months with flexible start/end dates. A duration of less than 3 months will also be considered. The ECS LC Intern will work remotely and must have computer access and internet capabilities. The number of hours worked will vary based on client needs and intern/parent availability. The ECS LC Internship is unpaid, thus interns do not receive compensation during the program, however, the Intern may accept unsolicited gratuities from an ECS client at their discretion.

Why become a Learning Coach Intern with ECS?

1. ECS LC Interns are professionally trained PRIOR to conducting their first parent/student consultation.

2. ECS LC Intern will have access to multiple written and web-based tools/resources that will ensure every Interns success.

3. Every ECS LC Intern will have their personal “Teaching Style” identified. One of the most powerful ways for education professionals to assess their own teaching preferences. When the individual Teaching Style is understood, customized teaching strategies may be implemented to ensure greater success.

4. ECS LC Interns will utilize a web-based adaptive diagnostic tool, based on Common Core standards by state. This tool provides…

a. Web-based Math & Reading Academic Assessments b. Identifies child’s strengths and weaknesses and immediately generates a learning plan. c. Tools and direction that advise the LC Intern on the steps they need to take, methods they need to use and tools that they need to administer to strengthen the child’s deficiencies and ensure success. d. Ability to track the child’s progress (even remotely) e. Generates reports (overview & detail) that may be used by the LC Intern or provided to the parent and even teachers to ensure clear and ongoing communication.

5. ECS LC Interns will utilize a web-based tool that identifies the child’s “Learning Style” and immediately generates a Student Learning Profile. This two part profile provides information on… a. The students learning style, b. Strategies for working with the student, c. Matches the teacher’s own teaching style to the student’s learning style, d. How the student handles stress, resolves conflict, communicates with others, solves problems, works in teams, etc.. e. Generates a Parent Report to ensure clear and on-going communication

6. Ability to “tutor” children remotely. This tool is based on Common Core standards by state and as it is web-based, it enables the LC Intern to administer and track any child’s academic progress, even when they are in another state. This provides the LC Intern an opportunity to increase their client base nationwide.

7. ECS LC Interns will be exposed to administration of an amazing web-based tool, based on a linguistic approach, that determines the child’s grade level equivalency and IQ, thus also identifying the child’s true potential and complimenting the other academic assessments that ECS provides.

Required Education and Experience:

Every ECS Learning Coach Intern is professionally trained and understands the importance of teaching others how to provide proper educational guidance to children. The Learning Coach Intern must meet the minimum qualifications set by ECS (see below) and must receive academic credit from their educational institution for participating.

ECS LC Intern Qualifications:

• Associates Degree preferred, actively pursuing Associates Degree and/or previous tutoring/educational experience considered. • Jessica Lunsford Act/FDLE Level II Badge • Strong Reading Comprehension, Inductive Reading Skills, Language Arts, Active Listening & Critical Thinking Skills; Ability to identify and utilize instructional methods appropriate for every situation; Exceptional Written & Verbal Communication Skills; Effective Time Management & Organizational Skills; Strong Computer Skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite – ability to effectively navigate & utilize ECS web-based diagnostic tool, database & corporate website; Demonstrates professionalism and exceptional people skills - works effectively with a wide array of personalities; Ability to handle multiple priorities; Self-motivated - takes initiative and works independently without direction.

To Apply:

Forward professional resume to

Contact Information:

Michelle Anderson
P.O. Box 8261, Seminole, FL 33775