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  • Employer: Outrageous Fortune
  • Type of Position: Internship
  • Industry: Education and Training
  • Location: MBC, VA
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Internship Opportunity

Mary Baldwin’s online literary journal, Outrageous Fortune, will be considering new interns

BUSINESS/BUSINESS WRITING: The Editor-in-Chief writes letters of solicitation to department and program heads requesting submissions. After submissions come in, genre editors correspond with the submitters, crafting letters of acceptance, rejection, or provisional acceptance. Editors must maintain a professional standard—and sometimes guide undergraduate submitters from other colleges to do the same. We work together on professional etiquette and vocabulary in writing, as well as teaching our less-well-behaved correspondents to write business letters with business-like manners!

EDITING: All of our genre editors actively work with submitters to make their manuscripts as strong as possible before publication. Even rejected work is often lightly edited to help the student with future submissions. Our editors work with all issues of writing, from global concerns of genre, organization, and clarity to local concerns of grammar in their correspondence with submitters.

MARKETING: Editors manage our Facebook page, letting others know when we are taking submissions and when we are publishing a new issue. Our marketers also work to promote the journal on campus and schedule events like open-mic readings and publication celebrations. We could use more interns in Marketing!

TEACHING: In working with other undergraduate writers, our editors often find themselves in “teachable moments”—receiving a submission in an unprofessional format; finding manuscripts that are full of grammar errors; corresponding with an individual who has not mastered the niceties of professional comportment on email. These are all opportunities for our editors to practice teaching skills, informing submitters about the conventions of professional correspondence and guiding them through writing problems of all kinds.

WEB DESIGN/MANAGEMENT: The Outrageous Fortune site is a live journal, and our Managing Editors do the work of keeping our site neat, attractive, up-to-date, and readable. We always have spaces for Web Designers and Managers to start up a blog and keep us looking good.

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Sarah Kennedy