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  • Employer: HIS Vision Project
  • Type of Position: Internship
  • Industry: Marketing
  • Location: Cap Haitien, Haiti, Outside Un
  • Salary Range: unpaid

Outreach Facilitator

HIS Vision Project requires a Haiti Project Outreach Facilitator to help establish and manage the partnerships and relationships created through community development and the clientele base at the HIS Vision clinic. Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to developing relationships with churches, orphanages, businesses, health facilities, etc. to increase awareness of the HIS Vision Project and its clinic in Morne Rouge as well as for development and implementation of HIS Kids programs. Prior to entering the field, the Haiti Project Outreach Facilitator will be required to spend a minimum of three months at the Humbly I Serve headquarters for the purposes of fundraising, development of personal prayer network, general project training, language study, elementary eye care training, and becoming educated concerning project policies and nuances.

Responsibilities: ● While at headquarters preparing for field work, assist in project development needs i.e. ● fundraising, curriculum development, events, and training of program facilitation. ● Prior to traveling to headquarters for training, develop and implement a fundraising strategy among personal networks including support letter writing, development of Facebook page, blogging, and face-to-face visits for soliciting individuals for prayer team and support funds. ● While at headquarters preparing for field work, dedicate time toward language study. ● While at headquarters preparing for field work, create and facilitate a volunteer support and encouragement network for present Haiti field staff. ● While at headquarters preparing for field work, create a strong personal prayer network of supporters dedicated to regularly praying for you, fellow staff and the project. ● Once on the field, assist headquarters and field team in developing relationships through face-to-face interactions among churches, orphanages, schools, clinics, businesses, and other NGOs to increase awareness of HIS Vision and increase clinic clientele. ● Further develop relationships with orphanages, schools, and churches in the area for the purpose of holding weekly children’s Bible programs at strategic locations throughout the Cap Haitian area. Ensure that each location has a local contact to work with to help facilitate programs. ● Develop and facilitate children’s programs at host locations. ● Ensure that children attending weekly program are connected with a local church for follow up ● and discipleship. ● Assist in maintaining clinic equipment on a regular basis. ● Work as a staff member of the clinic to provide eye care, maintaining a regular set schedule ● provided by the Project Manager.

Required Education and Experience:


● Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ. ● 2-3 month training in eye care, project development, and fundraising ● Commitment to the HIS statement of faith and experience in working with cross-cultural and ● cross-denominational Christians. ● Ability to be flexible and adaptable in a third-world setting. ● Strong leadership, planning, organizational, and communication/relational skills. ● Ability to speak French/Creole (learn basics before entering Haiti) or the willingness to learn. ● Ability to commit to a 6 month contract with limited or no US vacation time (in-country vacation time will be permitted to ensure rest and refreshment of staff).

To Apply:

For questions, feel free to call our office in Lynchburg at 434-239-0081.

For Applications, e-mail your resume and cover letter to either one of these e-mail addresses.

Contact Information:

Joy Marinelli
2414 Wards Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502