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  • Employer: Course Hero, Inc.
  • Type of Position: Internship
  • Industry: Business Management and Administration
  • Location: Staunton, VA
  • Salary Range: $10-$15 per hour

Business Development Intern - PAID

Course Hero is the #1 online learning platform, supplying students at over 4,500 schools with the top resources and collaborative tools to broaden their education. We are expanding classroom walls by providing an open platform where learners and educators of all ages can share and access high quality learning resources in a wide variety of subjects. Whether someone strives to become an expert in macroeconomics or is simply interested in learning more about abstract expressionism, Course Hero provides the academic resources and educational tools to achieve those goals.

Course Hero has recently partnered with Books for Africa, an international non-profit organization, to create the Knowledge Drive ( Through this initiative we are strengthening the powerful academic resource that we provide for college students while also donating books to children and schools in Africa (100,000+ books and counting!). Through the Knowledge Drive, Course Hero is building a brighter future for children and students around the world. As a leading advocate for the improvement of education through technology, our goals and mission have been featured in Business Week, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

You can read more about the success of the Knowledge Drive together with Books for Africa here:

Job Posting:

Course Hero has recently partnered with Books for Africa, an international non-profit organization, to create the Knowledge Drive ( The Knowledge Drive initiative, in partnership with Books for Africa, is working to build a powerful learning resource for college students while providing children in Africa with the gift of education and the ability to attain a better quality of life. With the help of students and interns across the country, we have already donated 100,000+ books, and hope to continue building a brighter future for children and students around the world in the coming months and years.

We are now accepting applications for our paid Internship and Professional Development Program which allows select students to help shape the future of our Knowledge Drive initiative, while also developing, applying, and honing their professional skill set. As an initiative whose mission is built around helping students learn more effectively, we believe that students must be actively involved in helping us do so.

 Those that are accepted will help lead the Knowledge Drive initiative at their school, which is building a more comprehensive resource for students while also supporting the development of education abroad. In addition to leading the Knowledge Drive, interns will also work with the Knowledge Drive Team to provide insights on how we can provide an even better initiative and resource for education.

Accepted applicants will also be enrolled in our Professional Development Program which provides teaching, application, and refinement of a student’s professional skill set. Designed to set interns up for success in the professional world, the program includes: - Leadership and one on one coaching from a Director
 - Weekly workshops on specific professional skills (ranging from communication to innovation) paired with structured goals to help strengthen and hone those skills.
 - Personalized critiques and development plans that focus on improving areas connected to the students desired career path.
 - Professional references upon completion and graduation from the program - Management positions for those that truly excel

The ideal candidates are:

 - Interested in business, communications, technology, and/or entrepreneurship
 - Well-spoken, outgoing, creative, and confident
 - Involved on campus (a position of leadership is a plus)
 - Experienced with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter
 - Social, energetic, and outgoing - U.S. Citizens - Current undergrad students 
living on or near campus

Required Education and Experience:

2.5 GPA or higher.

To Apply:

If you are interested in joining our Internship and Professional Development Program and working together to do something powerful for education, please send your resume as an attachment (in either .pdf or .docx format) to

Contact Information:

John Stacey
1700 Seaport Suite #150
(650) 200-3879