Biology students may find the following links helpful in preparing for post-graduate work and beyond.
This site explores the lives of several med students and applicants all over the country.
Loan information for students entering graduate programs including medical or dental school.
Information on the MCAT, constructing application essays, interview feedback, a residency guide, and loan information.
Created by accepted medical school students for new applicants. It covers prerequisites, what admissions committees are looking for, and the in’s and out’s of your applications.
Real interview questions and experiences are shared on this site. It also helps you prepare for that nerve-racking experience.
Provides accounts of interview experiences and helps prepare you for what to expect on your interviews.
The American Association of Medical Colleges site contains information about the MCAT, applications, U.S. medical schools, teaching hospitals, and healthcare news.
The American Association of Osteopathic Medicine site explores medical school options, provides information on ostepathic medical schools and the type of education you would receive, and application information.
The American Medical Students Association site requires membership for most information. Health care news, global health issues, and medical education information is provided.
This site includes a list of Medical Scientist Training Programs.
The American Medical Women’s Association outlines women’s careers in medicine.
Includes Kaplan review information and you can sign up for an MCAT prep course.
Provides information for signing up for a prep course and has free practice MCAT tests.
A guide of do’s and don’ts of writing your medical school application essays.
This site offers information through detailed articles regarding the MCAT. It contains free practice tests, customized according to the format and syllabus of the respective tests.