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Why Study Biology at MBC?

  • integrated lab and lecture allow students to learn technique, theory, and concept
  • courses designed to get students prepared to carry out their own research projects
  • hands-on lab experience allows students to graduate having done real research
  • hands-on lab experience allows students to have the competence and confidence in graduate school and for job interviews
  • graduates report already having worked with equipment used in graduate studies that their peers have not
  • most projects are student-driven; students are given the freedom to decide what they will be researching
  • demanding senior projects challenge undergraduates to think like graduate students
  • network with others devoted to the discipline through Beta Beta Beta, the National Biological Honor Society

Lab Work

Eric Jones

We believe that the best way to learn science is by doing it — by involvement in thoughtfully designed laboratory work which includes self-designed experiments, and by exposure to current methods and questions in the field. We believe that it is important even for non-biology majors, both because of the understanding of science that comes from it and also because of the teamwork and analytical skills which are developed — skills which are valuable in any setting. For our majors, we expect the experimental work to incorporate sophisticated techniques and instrumentation and skill in using the primary research literature; this culminates in an original and substantial senior research project and the presentation and defense of a thesis.
– Eric Jones, associate professor of biology