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Baldwin Blogs

It’s all about MBC, our students, and our alumnae/i on Baldwin Blogs. Here are just a few blogs that the college likes to follow. Share yours with MBC with a link and brief description.

All About MBC

Grafton Library:
News, updates, and info from the Martha S. Grafton Library


Casey Brent ’02 and Lindsey Lieberman ’04: Ham Hocks and Latke Drops
Follow a friendly foodie rivalry between these two creative alums. 

Ruth Graham ’00:
Travel with Ruth through her life as a spiritual mother, grandmother, woman.

Genie Gratto ’94: The Inadvertent Gardener
“Let’s just say this: apparently, it’s amazing what I’ll do for a good tomato.”

Hannah Guarendi ’09:
A blog about Hannah’s life in the Army

Tamara Zaccaria Hickey ’01: Watching Grass
“We are big people in a tiny family living in a big house in a tiny town. We have big ideas but a tiny income which we make up for with big hearts and tiny things that make us happy. This is my tiny blog, and I will tell you about the tiny (and big) things that happen to us on a daily basis.”