Baldwin’s Business department works personally with students to create custom skill sets needed to organize, plan, and manage any dynamic within any organization. Faculty in the department are dedicated to each pupil by going above and beyond to offer individual attention and provide each student a unique opportunity to combine their business knowledge with their passions.Business at Baldwin is a bold and limitless program. The department stays current and pushes students to build their global perspectives as well as sharpen their professional skills. Using ‘triple bottom line’ decision-making, students will learn core business knowledge and how to enhance business practices using ethical and sustainable methods.

The beauty of Baldwin is that students are allowed to bend the rules and combine their business major or minor with any offered minors. Past combinations consisted of a major in Business with a minor in Anthropology, Business major with an Education minor, a Business major with a minor in Music, Chemistry major and Accounting minor. The combinations of possibilities are endless.
What will your combination be?

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