Caroline Bowles ’11
Friending Social Networks: Why Businesses Should Log On
One of the most integral parts of society today is our use of social networking sites, and businesses venturing into this uncharted territory are finding that these sites provide a whole new area for connecting with their customer base. These sites provide businesses a range of options in order to reach consumers, with each site having its own unique layout and advantages. Social networking sites offer businesses and their audiences a means of conversing openly and building a trust between each other, leading to a more customized and well targeted product or service. However, social networking sites are not free from hazards; risks include security breaches, productivity losses, and even damage to the business’ reputation. Despite these limited risks, social networking provides a vastly superior outlet for interaction on a massive yet personally connective scale. This project examined the roles that Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and LinkedIn play in this new frontier of business-customer communication.

Kara Jenkins ’11
Woodbine Farms: Fresh From the Ground Up
Farming has a long and rich tradition in the Shenandoah Valley. The farm families that remain today are finding new and creative ways to hold on to their roots. Woodbine Farms, located in Frederick County, Virginia, is no exception. A research project was conducted to help define the future state of the farm operation. The process that was utilized to analyze Woodbine was the SOAR framework. The framework was used to examine the strengths and opportunities of the farm, as well as to frame future aspirations and the development of measures to track the results of the defined initiatives. This strategic framework has effectively focused company goals that has allowed the farm to create a fresh, from-the-ground-up perspective.