What issue concerns you the most? Is it …

  • Environmental sustainability?
  • Ethical behavior of our corporate leaders?
  • Respect (or lack of) for diversity and community?
  • Awareness of the world beyond the U.S. borders?
  • The expectation of financial responsibility?
  • Human rights for all?
  • Equal opportunities for both women and men?
  • Finding personal wellness and balance in your life?
  • A satisfying career in a successful enterprise?

If you said yes to any of the above, consider a major or minor in business.

Today’s world is challenging, to say the least, but we’ll prepare you with what you need to be successful. At Mary Baldwin, we measure business results by the triple bottom line— with benefits that are economic, social, and environmental.

Departmental priorities include preparing students for a satisfying and successful career learning financial responsibility, ethical behavior, respect for diversity, environmental sustainability, and leadership, among other skills. Our business program reflects the college’s focus on civic and global engagement. We want our students to feel responsible, not only for themselves but for the future of our communities, nation, and planet. We want to give our students tools that fit a new way of doing business, one that respects all stakeholders.

The business major provides the framework and concepts of sustainability and, through a minor of your choice, the opportunity to gain expertise in a specific area of study. Minors in the discipline include management, marketing, and human resource management, but students are also encouraged to consider other options that will further broaden their understanding and appreciation of what comprises a sustainable culture.

Other minors to consider pairing with the business major include:

Our business curriculum includes marketing, management, finance, accounting, public relations, international business, economics, and law. You may complete an internship and all students complete a senior “capstone” project that allows you to explore sustainable business strategies.

And we take you beyond business theory by creating opportunities to build crucial teamwork and leadership skills. Our small classes facilitate hands-on learning, extensive in-class discussion, writing experiences, and practical application of concepts and theories. We will encourage you to become civically engaged with MBC, the Staunton community, and your local community. In fact, there will even be opportunities for global engagement.

Our small classes are taught by committed, caring faculty who will work to challenge and engage you in your studies, helping you achieve your academic and career goals. Our small class size allows for group collaboration and team building activities that simulate the group projects required in most successful organizations.

Our goal is to give you the skills needed to successfully enter the job market and to make effective and sustainable business decisions regardless of whether you are working for yourself or a private, public, non-profit or social enterprise.