Coaching and Exercise Leadership

Sharon Spalding, coordinator

The Coaching minor requires 20 hours of course work and a 1 credit internship. Students must complete CEL 220 Coaching Principles before the internship experience. The internship must be approved by the PHE discipline. Internship experiences can include coaching at the youth, club, scholastic or college level. For those students who wish to pursue personal training, athletic training, exercise science, physical therapy or occupational therapy, the internship can be completed in a job field that the student is considering. All internship experiences must be registered before the experience occurs.

Requirements for the Minor in Coaching and Exercise Leadership

20 semester hours
BIOL 151
CEL 220
CEL 245
CHEM 120
INT 287
PHE 221
PHE 251
SGS/WS 245

Civic Engagement Opportunities

PHE/BIO 251 Exercise Testing and Training assists the MBC community with personal fitness plans during the term it is offered. The Internship Experience required for the minor involves working with a local school sports team or a local club sport.

Coaching and Exercise Leadership Course Descriptions

220 Principles of Coaching (3 s.h.)
A course to present the foundational knowledge that is essential for coaching any sport. The course will present an overview of the exercise sciences related to coaching and teaching motor skills. The course will assist students in developing a coaching philosophy as well as providing principles, guidelines and tools that are essential to the coaching profession. Recommended for students in the coaching and exercise leadership minor or students who already assist with youth or scholastic sports. Successful completion of the course will lead to the coaching certification required in many states for high school scholastic coaches.

245 Motor Learning (3 s.h.)
Motor Learning will cover the analysis, instruction, and rehabilitation of motor skills as related to a variety of individuals who possess different interests and abilities. The course will cover the stages of learning, skills classification, motivation and attention, effective instructions and demonstrations, practice schedules and effective feedback. This course is part of the coaching and exercise leadership minor, but may also be of interest to those students interested in graduate work in occupational or physical therapy.