Environmental Policy Analysis

Laura van Assendelft, Paul Callo, Catherine Ferris McPherson, Amy Diduch, Joseph Sprangel, and Peter Ruiz-Haas, coordinators

For decades, people have asked the question, “Are there limits to growth?” Can people continue to consume more and more of the earth’s resources indefinitely? As we increase our consumption, can the earth continue to process or absorb the byproducts of our production? Answers to these questions and the understanding of how to address them require knowledge of science, economics, political science and business.

Strong, sustainable solutions to environmental problems require critical thinking — an interdisciplinary skill — combined with deep, specific knowledge of the problem — a major-based skill. Students who have chosen majors in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Political Science or Business may combine environmental coursework from their own majors with coursework from complementary disciplines.

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Policy Analysis

Coursework will vary depending on your selected major. Contact the coordinator from your major for more details.