• Anne McGovern, department head, World Languages and Literatures
    Martha Walker

    Students can pursue a minor in French. French minors become proficient in reading, speaking, writing, and understanding the spoken language. They examine literary works representing France and other French-speaking regions, study and perform a contemporary French play, and look at the role of women in French culture. Students can supplement their study by traveling to France during May Term.

    This minor requires a substantial portion of the coursework to be completed at the Staunton campus.

  • Requirements for the Minor in French

    18-20 semester hours*
    FREN 151
    FREN 152
    FREN 201
    FREN 202
    Two literature courses chosen from the following: FREN 241, FREN 242, FREN 262;
    Two language/culture courses chosen from the following: FREN 154, FREN 203, FREN 205, FREN 230, FREN 255
    *If students begin at the 201 level, they will complete the minor with 18 hours. If they begin at the 151 level, they will finish the minor with 20 hours.

  • Civic and International Engagement Opportunities

    • May Term study travel abroad
    • Study abroad for a semester or year
    • Volunteer work in non-profit organizations
    • Internships
    • Students abroad are required to learn about the social, cultural, and political reality of the target country, thus getting involved with the civic life of their host country.


  • 101, 102 Beginning French (4 s.h.) (F: both 101 and 102)
    Designed for those with little or no French. Through exercises, dialogs, skits, and controlled and creative writing, the student will develop a basic proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

    151, 152 Intermediate French (4 s.h.) (F: both 151 and 152)
    Continues to build the student’s proficiency using exercises, dialogues, skits, and controlled and creative writing. At the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of French and be able to carry on everyday conversations, read schedules, pamphlets, and other texts of moderate difficulty, and write fluently and accurately about everyday topics. Students with more than four years of French may NOT take French 151 or 152.

    153 La Révolution Française (1 s.h.)
    Designed for students enrolled in HIST 243 who want to pursue a project related to the French Revolution. Students choose and research a topic of interest–for example, songs of the Revolution or ceramics containing Revolutionary images–and share the results in class discussion. *Co-requisite: HIST 243. Prerequisite: FREN 152 or equivalent. Conducted in French.

    154 French Play in Performance (3 s.h.)
    Together, the class will read, study and stage a short, contemporary French play, performed at the end of May Term as the final exercise in the course. Class time will be spent discussing, then rehearsing, building, etc., in preparation for the performance. *Prerequisite: FREN 152 or equivalent.

    170 African and Caribbean Women Writers (3 s.h.)
    This survey course of modern francophone women’s literature, conducted in English, includes works from North and Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Major themes of the course are the search for identity and the role of language and writing in discovering and/or asserting cultural and gender identities.

    201 Conversation and Composition (3 s.h.) (F)
    By use of film and literary texts, this course is designed to develop advanced proficiency in speaking and writing. Written work includes grammar exercises and essays. At the end of the course students should have developed both oral and written fluency in French. Prerequisite: FREN 152 or equivalent.

    202 Introduction to Francophone Cultures (3 s.h.) (I)
    Introduction to French-speaking areas of the world including Québec, the Caribbean and Northern and Western Africa. Through literature, current events, and multi-media sources, students explore major Francophone regions and progress to an advanced level of performance in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. *Prerequisite: French 201 or equivalent.

    203 Everyday French (3 s.h.)
    Study Abroad. A total immersion experience in language learning. Students participating will complete a home stay with a French family, taking meals with them, engaging in the life of their community, and documenting experiences in a journal. Must be taken P/NC.

    205 Writing in French (3 s.h.) (W)
    Students gain intensive practice in writing French. Frequent writing assignments and analysis of short French texts will allow students to increase grammatical and idiomatic precision and to develop awareness of stylistics. Students will develop a personal style by keeping a journal and by writing short essays, and descriptive passages, and a short research paper. *Prerequisite: French 202 or permission of the instructor.

    225 Literature and Film in Translation (3 s. h.) (T)
    Study of translated novels and films from Francophone areas of the world (Québec, North and West Africa, and the Caribbean) that concern the making or undoing of individual and cultural identity. Some of the contexts to be studied that contribute to the formation of identity are interactions of colonizer and colonized, male and female, and child and adult.

    230 Contemporary French Culture (3 s.h.) (I)
    Designed to provide students with basic knowledge of the geography and political and social structures of contemporary France, and to acquaint  them with issues of concern to the French today. *Prerequisite: FREN 152 or equivalent.

    241, 242 Readings in French (3 s.h. each) (H: both 241 and 242)
    Each semester a different theme, author, or genre is treated. The course aims (1) to facilitate an appreciation and understanding of texts in French; (2) to increase linguistic competence; (3) to improve ability to read critically. The courses are conducted entirely in French. If the content changes, students may take these courses more than once. *Prerequisite: FREN 202 or equivalent.

    255 May Term in France (3 s.h.)
    Study Abroad. Students will spend three weeks in Paris studying French theatre and attending performances. Field trips and walking tours, including trips to monuments, museums, gardens, and châteaux. Cross listed as THEA 255. *Prerequisite: Intermediate FREN 152. Additional charge for this course beyond MBC tuition.

    262 The Role of Women in French Culture (3 s.h.) (G)
    Women have been important but often ignored in the social, political, religious and artistic life of France. This course enhances the student’s understanding of French history and culture by examining the contributions of women in these fields and the conditions and status of women in, the 19th and 20th centuries. *Prerequisite: FREN 202 or equivalent. Conducted in French.