International Economics and Business

Jane Pietrowski, coordinator

The international economics and business major prepares you for working in a global economy. Students gain theoretical frameworks for understanding international flows of goods, capital, and labor, an effective sensibility of cross-cultural differences in markets, and the capability for data analysis and independent research on issues in international economics and business. Majors will complete an internship or study abroad experience and a research project focusing on a significant aspect of a global industry.

Requirements for the Major in International Economics and Business
49 semester hours

ECON 101
ECON 102
ECON 303 or ECON 304
ECON/BUAD 247 or ECON 253
ECON 254
BUAD 200
BUAD 208
BUAD 209
BUAD 230
BUAD 305
BUAD 336
ECON/BUAD 387 or study abroad
ECON 401 or BUAD 400 and 401 (contingent on coursework completed before senior year)
INT 222
One of the following: ECON 210, ECON 232, or either ECON/BUAD 247 or ECON 253 [not included in choices above]
One semester of intermediate, college-level foreign language