International Economics and Business

Jane Pietrowski, coordinator

The international economics and business major prepares you for working in a global economy. Students gain theoretical frameworks for understanding international flows of goods, capital, and labor, an effective sensibility of cross-cultural differences in markets, and the capability for data analysis and independent research on issues in international economics and business. Majors will complete an internship or study abroad experience and a research project focusing on a significant aspect of a global industry.

Requirements for the Major in International Economics and Business

49 semester hours
ECON 101
ECON 102
ECON 303 or ECON 304 to be completed no later than junior year
ECON/BUAD 247 or ECON 253
ECON 254
BUAD 200
BUAD 208
BUAD 209
BUAD 230
BUAD 305
BUAD 336
ECON/BUAD 387 or study abroad
ECON 401 or BUAD 400 and 401 (contingent on coursework completed before senior year)
INT 222
One of the following: ECON 210, ECON 232, or either ECON/BUAD 247 or ECON 253 [not included in choices above]
One semester of intermediate, college-level foreign language