International Economics and Business

Judy Klein, coordinator

The international economics and business major prepares you for working in a global economy. In today’s environment, economics students must combine theoretical analysis of global markets with practical application of tools of the trade. Majors will complete an internship or study abroad experience; a research project incorporating theoretical knowledge and application to a global industry; and a senior seminar reviewing cutting edge initiatives in the field.

Requirements for the Major in International Economics and Business

47 semester hours
ECON 101
ECON 102
ECON 303 or ECON 304
ECON/BUAD 247 or ECON 253
ECON 254
BUAD 200
BUAD 208
BUAD 209
BUAD 230
BUAD 305
BUAD 336
ECON 395
ECON 401
INT 103
INT 222
One of the following: ECON 210, ECON 232, or either ECON/BUAD 247 or ECON 253 [not included in choices above]
One semester of intermediate, college-level foreign language