International Relations

International relations is an interdisciplinary liberal arts major specially designed to prepare graduates for careers in the emerging global community. MBC students who major in international relations are preparing for work in U.S. government bureaucracies, international organizations, international businesses, and for graduate study in political science, history, area studies, and economics. .

Requirements for the Major in International Relations

48–53 semester hours
One year (2 semesters) of one foreign language at the intermediate level or above
ANTH 120
ECON 101
ECON 102
POLS 221
One of the following: HIST 102, HIST 246, HIST 247, or HIST 340
Two of the following: POLS 128, POLS 310, POLS 311
Two of the following: BUAD 305, ECON 210, ECON 232, ECON 247, ECON 253, or ECON 254
Four of the following foreign area studies, in at least two disciplines: AS 106, AS/REL 212, AS 242, AS 244, AS 246, AS 247, AS 248, AS 251, AS 253, AS 257, AS 270, HIST 102, HIST 242, HIST 246, HIST 247, HIST 255, HIST 340, HIST 346, POLS 111, POLS 215, POLS 310, POLS 311, or SPAN 232

Senior Requirement: Satisfactory completion of POLS 400B.

Qualifying Colloquia
HIST 277 and POLS 277 may count toward the major only in those cases in which (a) modern or contemporary study of an aspect of the experience of a foreign area forms the major part of the course’s content; or (b) study of a problem in international relations forms the major part of the course’s content.

Non-native Speakers of English
For international students who are non-native speakers of the English language only, the above language requirement may be completed through equivalent courses in the English discipline.

International Students Not U.S. Citizens
For international students — non-U.S. Citizens only — the Foreign Area Study Courses may be met by completion of courses concerning the United States in the history, and/or political science, and/or economics departments.