Latin-American Studies

Maria Lena Hobson, Brenci Patiño

Latin America is an important geo-political and cultural area of the world. In the Latin-American studies minor, students will study the region from different perspectives: culture, history, art, economics, literature, and language. This minor gives students an opportunity to specialize and focus on Latin America in a coherent and directed way. 

Requirements for the Minor in Latin-American Studies

18 semester hours
ARTH 204 or ARTH 209
INT 155
SPAN 232
Three of the following: ECON 210, ECON 232, ECON 254, SPAN 215, SPAN 218, SPAN 246, or SPAN 324

Civic Engagement Opportunities

Latin American Studies students, in coordination with the Spencer Center for Civic Engagement, can volunteer locally or abroad. Students can act as translators assisting the children and families of Migrant Workers in the region with their integration into American life — helping children with their homework and parents with translating any communication sent by the schools. Students can also choose among many volunteering programs in the Latin American country of their choice — an important and enriching experience that will enhance the student’s CV notably.