Military Science

(U.S. Army ROTC)

MBC offers the Military Science curriculum through the U.S. Army ROTC program conducted at Virginia Military Institute. The first two years of the program are open to eligible freshmen and sophomores. Participation at the junior and senior level is limited to VWIL students and other students with Army ROTC advanced level contracts.

Military Science Course Descriptions

109 Foundations of Officership (1 s.h.)
U.S. Army orientation information and individual military skills are stressed.

110 Introduction to Leadership (1 s.h.)
Initial instructions in land navigation and military history.

209 Individual Leadership (1 s.h.)
Covers the intermediate level in the Leadership Development Program for the Army ROTC program. *Prerequisites: MS 109 and MS 110.

210 Leadership and Teamwork (1 s.h.)
Cadets continue leadership development and transition to the advanced course; emphasis is placed on individual and team building.

309 Leadership and Problem Solving (2 s.h.)
Emphasis is placed on leadership applications and effective planning and organizational skills. *Concurrent enrollment in either MS 319 or MS 350 is required.

310 Leadership and Ethics (2 s.h.)
A continuation of MS 309. Cadets are trained on basic officer skills, including preparation of map overlays, the principles of war, and how to conduct an After Action Review. *Concurrent enrollment in MS 320 or MS 351 required.

319, 320 MS Lab (No credit)
Focuses on individual and small unit tactics skills. *Concurrent enrollment in MS 309 or MS 310 is required.

409 Leadership and Management (2 s.h.)
This begins the transition of the cadet to an officer. Emphasis is on roles and duties of the 2nd lieutenant. *Concurrent enrollment in MS 419 or MS 450 is required.

410 Officership (2 s.h.)
Completes the transition of the student to an officer, culminating in her commissioning. Primary focus of the course is to provide the Advanced Camp graduates instruction in the planning, organizing, training, and leadership development necessary to lead a platoon. *Concurrent enrollment in either MS 420 or MS 451 required.

419, 420 Military Science Lab (No credit)
Practical applications of subjects taught in MS 409 and MS 410. *Concurrent enrollment in MS 409 or 410 is required.