Renaissance Studies

Sara Nair James, coordinator
Ralph Cohen, Mary Hill Cole, Sarah Kennedy, Janna Segal, Terry Southerington

Renaissance Studies introduces students to historical inquiry; an understanding of the various artistic and literary styles and movements of the Renaissance; and the interpretation of art, literature, philosophy, and political theory in the context of time and place. Students acquire knowledge of terminology, research methods, and library reference tools. They also develop skills in organization, critical and logical thinking, and strong writing. The requirements in the major assure that the students will be introduced to the breadth as well as depth of the subject matter.

Requirements for the Major in Renaissance Studies
36 semester hours

REN 100
HIST 238
ENG 320
ARTH 202 or ARTH 203
THEA 217 or THEA 218
REN 400
Five of the following: ARTH 102, ENG 315, THEA 114, one additional course from those listed above, and one additional approved course in art
Students may take up to six elective hours in the following graduate courses, with permission from the director of the MLitt/MFA program and the instructor: REN 510, REN 520, REN 540, REN 550, REN 554, REN 557, REN 630, or REN 675

Civic Engagement Opportunities
• Lectures, performances, internships and other opportunities at the American Shakespeare Center
• Annual visual arts trips to Washington DC and New York City, open to the community
• Regular public lectures by prominent scholars, writers, critics, directors, and performers
• College sponsored and planned International studies program in theatre, literature, and/or art history
• Explore civic engagement through class projects and assignments
• The Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement and the Sena Center will work with students to pair their interests with appropriate opportunities and internships

Renaissance Studies Course Description

100 Defining the Renaissance (3 s.h.) (H)
Defining the Renaissance provides a survey of the history, art, literature, and science of the period. Daily activities will range from lectures and discussions to field trips and presentations, and students will learn about major authors and events of fourteenth to early seventeenth-century Europe. The development of Renaissance drama and the complex cultural functions of the stage will be studied in the context of performances at the Blackfriars Playhouse.

400 Senior Seminar (3 s.h.)
REN 400 is the capstone course for seniors majoring in Renaissance Studies. Interdisciplinary in nature, the course will require students to develop an independent project in consultation with at least three members of the Renaissance Studies faculty, complete a research paper of 6,000–9,000 words, and defend the thesis in an oral presentation to a committee of three faculty members from different disciplines.