U.S. Poverty Analysis

Amy McCormick Diduch, coordinator

Poverty in the United States is largely a function of education, class, race, gender, age, and marital status. The minor in U.S. poverty analysis gives students the tools to understand why poverty can persist in a high income country and compare the possible solutions.

Requirements for the Minor in U.S. Poverty Analysis

21 semester hours
ECON 101
ECON 115
SOC 248
INT 222
One of the following: ECON 210, ECON 247, or ECON 180
One of the following: POLS 209, PHIL 102, PHIL 235, PHIL 320, POLS 245, POLS 260, PSYC 221, REL 130, REL 221, SOC 112, or SOC 240
One three-credit service learning experience