from Bekah Kennedy Caruso (1969):

Bekah writes:
          “Bill  and I are going with our choir at First Pres, Nashville, TN, to Ireland the 3rd week of July.  We’ll sing at churches in Galway, Connemara, and Dublin.  This follows earlier choir trips to Scotland and to France/Switzerland, both sites with significant denominational history.
          “This past March, having relinquished my bell director duties at church, I began ringing with a community handbell group, Music City Bronze.  We’re preparing for three weekends of concerts in late November/early December.  After years of playing with Malmark black and white handles, I’m having to adjust to the all-black handles of the Shulmerich bells the group owns.  Not easy for this keyboard person, but I’m getting there!
          “Son Paul is a captain in the U.S. Air Force, an Intelligence Officer at Vandenberg AFB, CA.  His wife (Sept. 23, 2012), Meaghan, daughter of a career Navy officer, teaches science and math at a private high school in Santa Barbara.”
          So–a question from your class Secretary:  Bekah’s email makes me wonder how many others of us are playing in handbell choirs? Judy West Kidd is, at St. Stephen’s Episcopal, in Richmond, VA, and I’m in the handbell choir at Bruton Parish Church, in Williamsburg, VA. Any others?
Angier Brock is our class secretary. She is retired, divorced, and living in the historic village of Yorktown, VA, where she loves gardening, birdwatching, playing in a handbell choir, writing a little poetry every now and then, and being a grandmother.

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