from Gail McLennan King (1969)

          Gail and her MBC roommate Pam Wolfe Wannamaker have just reconnected and, in Gail’s words, “caught up on the last 30 years.”  Gail writes,

          “Pam reminded me of when we  would skip church on Wednesdays.  Spies were sent out to check rooms to be sure all the girls were attending the service.  One time we were , of course, smoking in the room- also against the rules.  Someone knocked on the door, and we put our lit cigarettes on the shelf in the closet and told whomever was knocking that we had been to church.  So funny.  Being from the big city of Atlanta, I was a terrible influence on Pam from Mt. Airy.”

          Which makes me wonder what other memories classmates have of church, chapel, convocation–ones attended, ones skipped…..

Angier Brock is our class secretary. She is retired, divorced, and living in the historic village of Yorktown, VA, where she loves gardening, birdwatching, playing in a handbell choir, writing a little poetry every now and then, and being a grandmother.

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