More news from Class of ’56

“Dear Elaine (Baldwin), What a surprise to hear from a fellow class mate!  Thanks for the letter and note.  I, too, am having an 80 yr birthday this month.  This is really the 1st birthday I have approached that is a shock to my ‘being’.  When our
mind thinks we are 20 yrs younger, our birth certificate says otherwise.   I stay so busy that I actually have to keep a calendar planner…..maybe that says something about my memory.
My monthly activities and interests are Book Club,  Woman’s Club,
Library Board, and church pianist and treasurer.  I also go to a Body
Recall exercise three times a week.  With other community happenings, John & I stay busy and involved.  It has been interesting to see the pictures of the Murphy Deming
College Health Science opening.  What a change MBC has made in
the last 58 years!!!  The students now look back at ‘our’ day like we
looked back the Mary Baldwin Seminary day.  WOW!  I would love to hear from fellow classmates. Sincerely,”  BETTYE ANNE HURT Ingram ’56
Angela Cline is office manager for the Mary Baldwin College Office of Alumnae/i and Parent Relations and Advisor to the STARS (STudent Alumnae/i Relations Society).

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