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Residential College for Women

They are class presidents. They are captains of the soccer team. They are performing graduate-level research in the lab. Mary Baldwin College students in the Residential College for Women are everywhere you want to be.

We are leaders.

By maintaining the Residential College for Women at its core, Mary Baldwin “creates leaders, communicators, and persuaders,” according to a national study that compared women’s college alumnae with alumnae from coed institutions. MBC also is home to the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership, the nation’s only all-female corps of cadets.

We are gifted.

Students as young as 14 can get a head start in higher education in MBC’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted and Early College Academy.

We are discoverers.

Through robust internship and undergraduate research programs, Mary Baldwin students reap the benefits of experiential learning.

We are diverse.

MBC ranks high among peer institutions for providing enriching educational experience, including exposure to cultural diversity and women’s issues and perspectives.

We are engaged.

Learning and doing go hand-in-hand at MBC — a combination that develops engaged citizens of the world.