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Polly Aun works as an account executive for Sage Creative in Aiken, South Carolina.

Leslie Alligood ’08 works at the White House Service Center for the U.S. General Services Administration, she is currently special assistant for the for the Presidential Transition Team. “It’s really fast paced, but it’s really exciting work too since our primary customer is the Federal Administration.”

S.R. “Brewer” Brewer ’06 plans on attending graduate school to study sexism in advertising. “I get really excited every time I open a magazine, and always end up reading the ads instead of the articles.” In the meantime, she runs the office for a privately owned construction company.

Megan Foley ’01 is an assistant professor in the communication department at Mississippi State University. She earned her masters in communication studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her PhD in communication studies with emphasis in rhetoric and public advocacy from the University of Iowa.

Mellina Fortunato-Dada is a second year student at Ave Maria School of Law where she serves as secretary for the International Law Society and as a student ambassador to Catholic Relief Services.

Ellesse Ferreol Krall ’05 is a public affairs officer for the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). She creates visual communication and works with presidential appointees, elected officials, and diplomats. She notes her class in video production with Alan Moyé has been very useful.

Corinne Kasura ’10 teaches English in Japan with . She is also considering graduate school — a master’s in Rhetoric and Composition.

Kelley Clemens McElroy ’03 writes: “As a Communication major, I didn’t think Intercultural and Interpersonal classes were all that important while at MBC. But being a military wife, and teacher, I have come to truly appreciate them after all the different people and places I’ve experienced. Both classes gave me an understanding and a appreciation of how various cultures and personal skills work together.”

Karina Ngaiza ’08 is the office manager and communications coordinator at Caring for Carcinoid Foundation.

Junnell Sample ’05 is the Director of Memory Care at Emeritus at Towson.

559368_10153228940875244_1898469836_nAimee Sanford ’11 works as a Communications Specialist at Acoustical Solutions in Richmond. She handles a range of public relations, marketing, and video production tasks.

“ASI is a 25 year old small business that leads the market nationally in architectural acoustics. At my company I am responsible for the brand’s voice. I manage all the copy on our website, all content marketing initiatives, our blog, social media, and editorials. Being at a small business, I end up doing a variety of tasks that are not on my job description every day, and have a big hand in planning where we go next.

The communication program at Mary Baldwin prepared me not only through excellent course offerings, but by giving me a very high level of independence. I found that when I was job searching, almost every person that interviewed me expressed surprise at how confident I was for a twenty-year-old who hadn’t had a full time job in the marketing industry. But I definitely felt like I had held a full time position.

The faculty in my department always encouraged me to be involved, and never hesitated to volunteer me for outside opportunities. They treated me like I was more capable than I sometimes felt, and that is something that I really value now. During my time at MBC I had three internships at nearby organizations, countless leadership positions on campus, two part-time jobs, and was in VWIL – so yeah, I felt like I had some professional experience. I spoke with my professors one-on-one almost every week, and was given a lot of freedom to pursue coursework and projects that I specifically was interested in. I didn’t sit anonymously in the back of my classrooms or go home and take the same online quiz as every other student beside me. I know I was allowed more control over my education than many of my friends who went to enormous universities. I think many women who graduate from Mary Baldwin don’t feel like they’ve just learned to be good students, they feel like leaders. “

Amanda Simon is an administrator and communication director for All Nations Family in Missouri.

Sarah Tyndall ’09 works as a field representative for Steve Knight, and Assemblyman in the California State Legislature. “The job is amazing,” she reports. “I can’t say that enough. I work with not only constituents on a daily basis, but I am out in the community creating a positive image for the Assemblyman. I have also been given the freedom to come up with ideas to help reach constituents better. I am researching how we can best use social media.” Tyndall was also named one Santa Clarita Valley’s 40 Under 40 for 2012.