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  • M&M Sorting: Daryn Cazin ’14 lead an activity in her communication course. She writes, “When it came time to lead a team building exercise I tried to think of what people enjoy. Love of chocolate seems to be universal so I thought I would combine chocolate and a team building exercise. I brought in a few bags of peanut M&M’s and started with just two volunteers. One was the White Team and had to separate all the white M&M’s out of a bowl and the other was Red Team and had to sort out the red M&M’s. They had 15 seconds. After that, I had the class work together to do the same exercise. The idea was to show how teamwork would yield a better result than working individually.”
  • Election Eve ’13 at MBC drew a production and air crew of students and faculty from a variety 0f academic disciplines, including Communication. Students covered the results and broadcast them to the campus community in the three hour show.
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  • Shelley RubianiComm major Shelley Rubiani ’14, was one of 17 students in visiting artist Aurora Robson’s class interrupting the waste stream. Essentially they gathered garbage, mostly plastic and created inspiring insightful and whimsical pieces that were on display in the Staton Podesta Arts Center. Their pieces were auctions with the benefits going to friends of the Middle River. Rubiani’s piece is about the impact of smoking and was make of Marlboro packages depicting lungs with bronchia made of plastic bisecting each lung.
  • Bruce Dorries has been named to the board of the GriffinHarte Foundation. The nonprofit organization promotes civil conversations about divisive issues. Among other actions, the foundation financially supports research and education that explore identity, gender, feminism, civility, civic engagement and social, political and economic justice.