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University Relations

The Office of University Relations deploys a variety of communication tools to assist Mary Baldwin in achieving its mission. In the course of the year, we carry out hundreds of public communication initiatives — in print, electronic, and other formats

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Major Initiatives

University Transition

On August 31, 2016, Mary Baldwin College becomes Mary Baldwin University. A push-button launch is planned, with a comprehensive transition of all aspects of our public presence to our new name and visual identity. On the same date, we will launch our new website.

Beginning on August 31, new signage, print materials, uniform patches, stationery, ID cards, web address, and business documents will be deployed. Effective that same day, old materials bearing the name or logo of Mary Baldwin College may no longer be used.

More specific information on the transition is available in this section. Additional questions? or 540-887-7009



Crista Cabe

Senior Vice President for University Relations


New visual identifiers

There will be three primary brand marks associated with Mary Baldwin: the official seal, the logo, and the athletics spirit mark. The old Mary Baldwin College logo, seal, and athletics spirit marks should not be used after August 30, 2016.

Brand Guide

Our MBU brand guide, nearing completion, will include guidelines on using both our visual identity (official brand marks, typography, color palette, graphic elements) and on telling the Mary Baldwin story with the conceptual foundation of our brand platform and key messages.

Brand Tool Kit

An online tool kit is available for faculty and staff. It includes:

  • Word template for stationery
  • New Mary Baldwin University logo
  • Fonts that will be used in all printed and electronic materials, with a list of acceptable replacement fonts for Word, email, and other do-it-yourself communications.
  • PowerPoint master themes
  • Headers for broadcast emails

Please note that use of the Mary Baldwin University seal (as is currently the case for use of the MBC seal) must be authorized by the Senior Vice President for University Relations. Therefore the design file of the seal will not be publicly accessible on our website. If you need to use the seal please contact or call 540-887-7009.



New website and URL

The new website domain address (URL) will be A new website is being developed for launch on August 31. There will be a transition period during which users who search for, or navigate to will be redirected automatically to the new domain address.

New email addresses

In conjunction with the launch of Mary Baldwin University on August 31, we’re changing our domain name to This will apply to all Mary Baldwin email addresses as well as the address of our website. Your new Mary Baldwin email address will have the same prefix it does now, but with the domain.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will provide specific details as the date approaches, and you should direct your technical questions to them. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your email account, other than the address, will not change. All your archived emails, your inbox, your settings, your contacts, and your labels and filters will remain.
  • You will be able to receive email at both your address and your address through December 1.
  • Beginning this weekend, you will start being able to receive email at your address as well as at your address. Your primary identity will remain with your address, so that’s how you will log in, and it will also be the address that your email is sent from.
  • On or about September 1, your primary email identity will switch to your address, so that is what you will use to log in with, and it will be what appears in the “sent from” field.
  • When your primary identity switches to your address, you will need re-authenticate using your current email password.



Business cards and name badges

Starting August 31, faculty and staff who use business cards or wear name badges at official functions should use new ones with the Mary Baldwin University logo.

Employees will be given the opportunity to order new business cards and name badges through an online form starting in April 2016. A set of 100 cards will be provided without charge. If you need a larger order, you may arrange for the cost to be covered through your departmental budget. Business cards and name badges will be distributed at the State of the University opening convocation on Wednesday, August 24. Those wishing to have these items in hand on that date should note that proofing will be necessary over the summer; if you are not available to check your proofs over the summer, your name badge and business cards will be delivered later in the fall.

New faculty/staff ID cards

To receive new Mary Baldwin University identification cards, employees must have a new photo taken by the Mary Baldwin Campus Safety office. The new cards will be produced over the summer and distributed at the State of the University opening convocation on Wednesday, August 24.


New stationery is being designed using the new Mary Baldwin University visual identity. It will be available for order through the Physical Plant using the normal process. In addition to pre-printed stationery, a Word template for in-house printing will also be available. Old Mary Baldwin College stationery and envelopes may not be used for official communication purposes beginning August 31.

Uniforms for Campus Safety, Dining Services, and Physical Plant employees

Each of these divisions has a plan for creation and distribution of new patches, badges, clothing, signage etc. as needed.



Campus signage and environmental communication

Signs and other institutional identifiers on both the main campus and at the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences campus have been prioritized for transitioning to the new name. The large masonry signs are the highest priority and will carry the name “Mary Baldwin University” by August 31. The checklist is extensive; please contact if you have a question or specific request regarding signage.

Wayfinding signage in Staunton and from the highway

We are working with both the City of Staunton and the Virginia Department of Transportation to make sure that signs from I-81, I-64, and along major routes into Staunton reflect the new name. In addition, we are working with VDOT to put up signs at I-64 exit 91 to direct visitors to the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences.

Regional centers

The University Relations staff is working with staff in each regional center to ensure that signage and displays at our regional centers is changed to reflect our new name and visual identity.

Areas of Expertise


Media Relations and Public Information

Serving as the primary point of contact for the media and sharing MBC news with the world.


web development and maintenance

Managing routine, factual updates as well as major new projects online.


marketing and promotion

Creating effective materials that create a consistent and positive understanding of the college and what it offers.


emergency communication

Keeping the community informed as situations unfold.



Producing Boldly Baldwin, the college magazine; the Academic Catalog; and print publications that showcase the best of Mary Baldwin.


legislative affairs

Actively seeking ongoing public support for the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership and the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.


electronic newsletters

Delivering regular, timely updates about college events, research and announcements.


Need Help? Request A Project

CoMPA requires a project request form to begin work on any project, whether new, an update, or a reprint – CLICK HERE to start a project request.

CoMPA can help

In order to ensure consistency of image and message and to integrate all communications into overarching communication strategies, CoMPA holds final approval authority over the design, content, and style of all official publications and printed materials produced and/or distributed by the college, whether or not they are produced by CoMPA. Contact Crista Cabe, vice president, at 887-7380 or

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