MBC Logos

The MBC Logos below are provided by the Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs for your download and use in college communications.


Click on the link to the selected file and then save the file to your disk.

For use in print files, the eps or tiff formats provided below should be used.

The eps file format has a transparent background and can be enlarged to any size without affecting resolution. Eps files also let you print color separations. Our logo prints in black & PMS 109.

The tiff file format has a white box behind the image (which can cause a problem if you are trying to put the logo on top of a background color, pattern or picture). Tiffs also have a fixed resolution which means enlarging these files above 120% of their current size will cause you to lose quality and see “jagged” edges on the image.

Contact the Office of Design if you have special requirements or if you have questions. pdixon@mbc.edu


For use in web files, the gif format provided below should be used. These images can be resized to a smaller version if the color selection is restored to full color before resizing. These gifs cannot be effectively enlarged. Larger sized gifs can be produced from the tif files or you may request an enlarged copy for special purposes from the Design Office. To save the files below to your disk simply right click on the image, select: “Save image as…” from the menu, and select a location and name for the saved file.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are using the logo as it used throughout the MBC public web site, DO NOT save and use a separate copy of the logo. Instead you should use the following URL as the image source to access the logo currently stored on the MBC web site:


You should also:

  1. provide a link for the image directing back to the MBC main site: http://www.mbc.edu
  2. include “Return to MBC Home Page” in the image tag’s Alt attribute*

If the logo changes, your copy of the logo will be automatically updated. If you need assistance please contact the Web team.

*All web images should contain some sort of brief descriptive notation in the Alt attribute of the image tag in order to comply with federal guidelines for web accessibility. If the image is a link, indicate the target of the link.

color logo
color gif (6.5 kb)
black logo
black gif (6.3 kb)

Additional Mary Baldwin department, program and college logo files can be found on this page. Please understand that these files are not available to the general public and permission for usage is granted through the Communication, Marketing and Public Affairs Office. Contact by email: compa@mbc.edu or call: 540-887-7009

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