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Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies Economics

“I think my economics courses did what a good liberal arts education should do. I was challenged to think outside the box, apply my course work to my own life on my own terms, and I still think about issues raised in class.”
— Sara Morris, ‘97

GraphThrough the lens of economics, students attain an extraordinarily powerful and flexible set of tools. Economics majors develop highly desired skills such as analytical thinking, research, quantitative reasoning, and an understanding of computer technology. The Economics Department at Mary Baldwin College offers an extraordinary combination of the liberal arts and career preparation.

Students can pursue a BA or BS with a major in economics. Economics also is available as a minor.

Economics is a part of MBC’s School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies and is available through the College for Women and Adult Degree Program in Staunton.

Related Disciplines: Business for a Sustainable Future, International Relations, Political Science, Health Care Administration, U.S. Poverty Analysis, Global Poverty and Development, Environmental Policy Analysis

Judy Klein

Spotlight on Faculty
Professor of Economics Judy Klein discusses her forthcoming book, in which she will delineate how models and modeling strategies established for the practical needs of war eventually wound up in economic research. What the video.