Careers ideas for students with a BA in Economics:

  • Account executive
  • Bank officer
  • Stockbroker
  • Financial planner
  • City manager
  • Data analyst
  • Financial analyst

A major in economics offers excellent preparation for graduate degrees in law, public policy, public administration, international relations, business, history, library science, and economics.
Careers pursued by MBC alumnae who recently graduated with a major or minor in economics:

  • Assistant controller for a multi-national packaging company, Richmond, VA
  • Assistant public defender
  • Business administrator for an internet-based company, Arizona.
  • Business analyst for a Fortune 500 financial industries corporation
  • Business coordinator for the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Dallas, TX
  • Business owner providing seminars in for business managers.
  • Chief Financial Officer for an office furniture company
  • Development Coordinator for the National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
  • Director of product planning for a large telecommunications company
  • Director of research at healthcare policy consulting and advocacy firm
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial reporter for Fortunemagazine.
  • Healthcare data analyst/SAS analyst for commercial clients in Arizona
  • Information technology director of Testing for Nextel
  • Manager in a medical recruiting company in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Manager of Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, Capital One
  • Mortgage banker with Woodlands Bank.
  • Project manager for the third largest US brokerage firm
  • Reference librarian
  • Research analyst for a defense corporation
  • Research assistant at a think tank
  • School teacher
  • Securities lawyer with Citigroup
  • Senior analyst, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
  • Senior manager at FedExKinko’s in Nashville, TN
  • Supply chain cost analyst & Forecaster at Procter & Gamble
  • Survey methodologist at the U.S. Census Bureau, in the Economic Directorate.
  • Statistical analyst for Comcast Cable communications
  • Utilities Analyst for a state corporation commission

The Rosemarie Sena Center for Career Development is dedicated to helping students transition successfully from college to career. Staff members provide career-related assessment, occupational/vocational exploration, decision-making skills development, and job search and/or graduate school assistance.