Dave Melvin ’12 (2011 Capstone Festival Winner)
Credit Card Interchange Fees
The credit card network market is a duopoly; Visa and MasterCard are the two dominant players. The Visa or MasterCard network of the issuing banks charges the merchant an interchange fee for every credit card transaction. This project describes the process of a transaction and the role interchange fees play. Also discussed is the theory of duopoly, data on the market concentration, history of interchange fees, and current and past policies such as the Credit Card Reform Act of 2009 and the Credit Card Fair Fee Credit Act currently being proposed in Congress. Finally, the study examines the possible effects on the Visa-MasterCard duopoly if regulation is imposed on interchange fees.

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Nakita Hanson ’06(2006 Capstone Festival Winner)

“Optimal Currency Areas: A Case Study of Germany”
Cyndi Jacobs ’06