What do our graduates think about economics at MBC?

Compared to the educational experience of others that you have worked
with, what was unique or strong about your economics education at Mary
Baldwin College?

 I think that the small class size is a strength of an MBC education.  The close-knit classes and especially discussions in my Women and Economics class are unique to our college.  The guided learning, through
the help of our professors, is a strength that cannot be found at other schools.

Nicole Leigh Brenner ’07. Nicole is working on her law degree
and a Master of Science in economics at Florida State University.

The strong international component was unique; it was also tremendously helpful to have done senior seminar with a large scale, independent research project and presentation.

Sharon Bee Cheng ’92, Sharon earned her Master of Science in
Public Policy from Penn State University and is currently Director
of Research at a healthcare policy consulting and advocacy firm.

I have worked successfully in two extremely male dominated fields and I will always hold dear the strong women that inspired me at MBC.  I was fortunate enough to watch my professors balance work, home and life and be successful at it.  Now that I know from personal experience how incredibly hard it is I wish I had asked more questions and paid closer attention.  We were never given the option to believe that women couldn’t do whatever they wanted and that is priceless.

Liz Bender Morgan ’91. Liz is the Senior Center Manager at FedExKinko’s
in Nashville, TN

The one on one with the professors.

Catrina Mettam ’04, Catrina is a business administrator for
an internet company in Oregon.

I increased my belief that we must look beyond what is best for us personally in the short term and focus on what is best for everyone (including the poor, elderly, sick, children environment and others who are frequently overlooked or considered a burden).  Others with similar training seem to prefer economic conditions or policies that will offer them personal gain.

Janeen A. P. Carter ’01. Janeen is receptionist and project
assistant at URS Corporation in Virginia Beach.

I feel like my experience with economics was much more “real life” than others who had this degree at UNC, or any other college or university.  I was able to focus on the really important things and got a broad taste of all concepts, which is really all I need. … The one-on-one training I received from the professors at Mary Baldwin was the most beneficial part of my degree.

Alesandra (Price) Dombroski ’02. After graduation Alesandra
trained in the Banker Development Program of First Citizens Bank
is currently a mortgage banker with Woodlands Bank.

Compared to most other Economics majors I work with from larger schools, I have a much more well-rounded understanding of Economics as a rational choice vs. only fiscal economics.  Additionally, I had much more personal attention with Professors and encouragement and focus
on my senior project, which really allows you to truly conduct and embrace your own economic project.  MBC Economics taught me to think much more holistically than my peers from other schools.

Jordan Armstrong, ’04. Jordan is a Certified Internal Auditor
and currently works as a financial analyst at Proctor and Gamble.

I continue to believe that a single sex education is above all others. The level of instruction and dedication to students truly sets MBC apart from other institutions. My professors also were friends.

Suzanne Kierson Miller ’91. Suzanne earned her M.Ed. from Vanderbilt
University in Higher Education Administration and she and her husband
own their own business, Skill Set Partners LLC, which provides seminars,
training workshops, and consulting to businesses.

My MBC economics education changed the way I think about everything and my place in a larger world….I think my economics courses did what a good liberal arts education should do.  I was challenged to think outside the box, apply my course work to my own life on my own terms, and I still think about issues raised in class, even
after graduating ten years ago.

Sara Morris, ’97. Sara earned her MSc in Library Science at
Indiana University, her MA in history at Mississippi State University,
and is now a PhD candidate in Agricultural History at Purdue University.

Having a background in economics and a general understanding of financial markets was very beneficial. The terminology and concepts were not new to me.  This was especially helpful when I was studying for my securities exams.  I currently have a series, 7, 24, and 53.

Heidi Baugus ’97. Heidi earned her Doctorate of Jurisprudence
from the University of Georgia and is now a securities lawyer with
Primerica Financial Services in Duluth, GA

I believe it was the whole package.  The one on one personal
attention that gave me excellent communication skills, self assurance that I could get the job done – whatever it is, and finally, the senior project enabled me to have experience pulling data together, analyzing it thoroughly and presenting it back in a manner that would be appropriate for any level of management was a unique piece that no one I’ve met in the past 18 years has had.

René Jeanne (Koch) LaRose ’90. René worked as
a business analyst and project manager for a Fortune 500 financial
industries corporation and is currently working on her master’s
degree in health care business.p>

I think it was the personal interaction I had with my professors, and the fact that there was a course on poverty.

Rebecca Morrison ’98. Rebecca earned her Master of Science in
Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland College Park and
is a survey methodologist in the economic directorate of the U.S.
Census Bureau.

Along with the very personal attention every student receives, both the breadth of material and the level of detail that was covered are unique to MBC’s economics program.  To this day I still talk about topics that we discussed in our Globalization, Women and Economics, Experimental Economics, and Advanced Data Analysis classes.  The economics program at Mary Baldwin College has truly prepared me to take part in intelligent discussions concerning everything from art to politics.  The most unique aspect of the economics program at MBC is that they realize and teach that ‘economics’ is both a discipline in and of itself AND a part of every other discipline.

Regina Perich ’03. Regina worked as a business coordinator for
the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC and the Cavanaugh
Flight Museums in Dallas, TX.  She earned her Master of Psychology
at the University of Dallas and is currently a PhD candidate in the
psychology department of the University of Indianapolis.

I really enjoyed having such close relationships with the professors. Their personal attention helped me in so many ways: gaining relevant work experience through my on-campus job in the department, navigating the application process for top graduate schools, applying my statistical
and writing skills as a professional researcher and even returning to Mary Baldwin as an instructor! More than ten years after graduation, I still rely on their guidance for career decisions.

Noshua Watson, ’95. Noshua worked as a financial reporter for
Fortune magazine and earned her MA in Economics from Stanford University
and her MSc and PhD in Management Strategy at INSEAD in Fontainebleau

I think that MBC is a far superior place of education then most of my colleague’s schools.  I am still relatively wet behind the ears and I have senior accountants coming to me for help.  Since Mary Baldwin does demand excellence and the Economics department as a whole was relatively demanding it made me a much better candidate
for a higher level position at an earlier time in my life.  I
am proud to say I am the youngest one in my group and will continue my education thanks to my experience at MBC.

Kira Clement ’05. Kira is an accountant in the Eastern Division
of Comcast Cable Communications.

My economics education had more of a liberal arts focus rather than the type of economics program that might be under a Business College at a university- I had a good focus on data analysis.

Marta Galopin Kalleberg ’96. Marta earned her Master of Science
in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University and is a Healthcare
Data Analyst/SAS Analyst.

The theory work…you taught me to research things from the beginning to see how they got to the point they are at now and make changes based on that data.  Managing people now I get so frustrated when they don’t have a mind for business…you helped to make mine a lot sharper.

Melanie Woodske ’99. Melanie manages a medical recruiting company
in Pittsburgh, PA.

In the midst of the spectrum of economic forces ranging from the macro to the micro, what was most important about my experience in the economics department at Mary Baldwin College was the one-on-one personal relationships with the professors there. I would not be where I am today without the personal involvement of [my professors]. As a Presbyterian pastor, my knowledge of the administrative side of the church has been helped by the learning I enjoyed at MBC.

Lisa (Nichols) Hickman ’93. Lisa is currently serving as an
Associate Pastor at New Wilmington Presbyterian Church in New Wilmington,
Pennsylvania and the author of The Worshiping Life.

My economics degree from Mary Baldwin helped prepare me for the rigors of law school as well as a fast-paced corporate law practice by giving me a foundational knowledge of the corporate world and the way markets
function, and by honing my practical analytical skills.

Tracey (Cote) Allen ’89.  Tracey earned her J.D. from the
University of Virginia and Tracey Cote Allen ’89 is a lawyer in
the Washington, DC office of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr