• The study of how individuals, firms, organizations and governments respond to incentives
  • The study of how people choose to use resources and respond to scarcity
  • “The study of people in the ordinary business of life” Alfred Marshall
  • The study of the wealth and poverty of nations and the material foundations of political and social issues

The economics major at MBC is an extraordinary combination of the liberal arts and career preparation. The acquisition of an economic way of thinking gives students a structure for making personal decisions and for understanding the socio-political world we live in.

MBC economics majors and minors can choose electives from several different fields of economics or may choose a particular area of emphasis.

Policy courses:
Poverty, Inequality, and Welfare
Globalization and Labor Issues
Environmental Policy
Economic Policy Seminar
Women and Economics

International courses:
Principles of International and Macroeconomics
International Trade
International Finance
Topics in Economic Development
Globalization and Labor Issues
Food, Population, and Technology

Business/Econ courses:
Money and Banking
Market Structure and Innovation
Business and Government
Economics and Finance of Health Care Systems

Data Analysis courses:
Social Science Statistics
Advanced data analysis

Selected Honors courses:
Food, Population, and Technology
The Rise of the Consumer Society
Economics, Science, and Literature of Seasonal Rhythms