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Mary Baldwin’s College of Education programs go beyond preparing superior classroom teachers — which we do so well that a higher percentage of Mary Baldwin graduates earn initial teacher licensure than from any other college in Virginia. Whether you are a professional looking to switch careers into teaching, a seasoned educator or administrator interested in sharpening skills or adding specialization, or someone who wants to put your skills to work in a non-traditional educational setting, Mary Baldwin offers a clear path to your goal. Emphasizing leadership development in all arenas, our programs are continually evolving to respond to critical needs in schools as well as in other fields.



Featured Programs



Special Education

Identified year after year as the top teacher shortage areas in Virginia, special education is one of the most sought-after endorsement areas in both undergraduate and graduate programs at Mary Baldwin.


Environment-Based Learning
In one of Mary Baldwin’s most popular MEd programs, courses such as Math in the Garden and The Intersection of Life and Land empower teachers to take their classrooms into the natural world.


Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis
Our Comprehensive Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders and applied behavior analysis coursework prepare teachers to work with students who have special needs.


Math Education

The College of Education collaborates with the math department to offer a targeted math major with teacher education emphasis. Endorsements are available for middle and secondary school teachers.


Recent News

In response to growing needs in the community, the College of Education has developed curriculum and local connections for a new endorsement track in English as a Second Language as well as a Reading Education concentration for master of education students.


Endorsement Areas BA MAT PBTL BA/MAT
Elementary Education (PK-6)
Middle School English (6-8)
Middle School Mathematics (6-8)
Middle School History and Social Science (6-8)
Middle School Science
Secondary English (6-12)
Secondary Mathematics (6-12)
Secondary History and Social Science (6-12)
Secondary Biology (6-12)
Secondary Chemistry (6-12)
Secondary Earth Science (6-12)
Secondary Physics (6-12)
Secondary Business (6-12)
Art Education (PK-12)
English as a Second Language (K-12)
Foreign Language: French or Spanish (PK-12)
Gifted Education (K-12)*
Special Education (K-12)
Theatre Arts (PK-12)
Algebra I*
Concentrations MEd BA/MEd  
Adult and Higher Education
Applied Behavior Analysis
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Elementary Education**
English as a Second Language**
Environment-Based Learning
Gifted Education**
Reading Specialist**
Special Education**

*available only as an add-on endorsement
**includes an add-on endorsement for currently licensed teachers

The mission of the College of Education is to prepare confident practitioners who apply solid academic knowledge, strong leadership skills, and compassion for others to serve learners in diverse communities. We support this mission by providing personalized paths to meet individual goals while modeling and encouraging inquiry and reflection, integrating theory and practice, and providing opportunities for exploration and innovation within a collaborative environment. The teacher education program at Mary Baldwin College is awarded Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) accreditation by the Inquiry Brief Commission of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).