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Education, Health, and Social Work Education, Health, and Social Work

Faculty and Research Interests

Tiffany Barber (University of Virginia, PhD), associate professor of education

Doris Dodson (Virginia Commonwealth University, MSW), visiting assistant professor of social work and director of field experience

Karen Dorgan

Karen Dorgan’s latest sabbatical took her to the Netherlands to conduct a cross-cultural analysis of elementary school math textbooks and observation of math instruction in Dutch schools. She continues to study how American school divisions are adopting and adapting these instructional practices. She has presented her research at conferences at the state and national level, including National Council of Teachers and Mathematics.

James Harrington (University of Alabama, PhD), professor of education: governance and public policy in education

T. Lowell Lemons (Vanderbilt University, EdD), professor of education: educational leadership and teacher education

James C. McCrory (University of Virginia, EdD), professor of education: elementary education

Steven Mosher (University of South Carolina, PhD), director of Health Care Administration Program, professor of health care administration and political science: global health care, quality of care, long term care

Rachel Potter (University of Virginia, EdD), director of graduate teacher education

Gauri Rai (Rutgers University, PhD), associate professor of social work: pattern of growth and development in community organizations and institutions; impact of parenting on personality development of pre-adolescent and adolescent children; alcoholism in women; program evaluation of mental health agencies; bureaucratic inflexibility in public child welfare system; and international social welfare education in the United States

Irene Sarnelle (James Madison University, MS), associate professor of physical education

Sharon Spalding (University of Virginia, MEd), professor of physical education

Mary Clay Thomas(University of Vermont, MSW), assistant professor and director of social work: has extensive experience working with the elderly, battered women, and international adoption

Tamra Willis (University of Tennessee Knoxville, PhD), assistant professor of education: environment-based education