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Education, Health, and Social Work Education, Health, and Social Work



Gain valuable teaching experience in schools in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley or near one of MBC’s conveniently located regional centers

MJ Robinson
MBC’s Adult Degree Program offered everything I wanted and needed to become a teacher.  Now that I have my undergraduate degree and am working toward my master’s, I believe I have more credibility with parents, students, administrators, and other teachers. Mary Baldwin has made so many things possible for me.
–Martha Jo “MJ” Robinson ’96, MAT ’10,
Founder of One Child at a Time, an award-winning nonprofit that provides tutorial help for area high schoolers

Health Care

Master the principles of health care administration in a fully certified program with a stellar job-placement record

Steve Mosher
I’ve done reviews of five HCA programs, all big schools … We’re smaller, we’re more focused, we have a liberal arts emphasis, and now we have the public health emphasis. None of the others teach any international health courses — but we do. Some teach long-term health care, some don’t — we do. Our students can even sit for the licensing exam to run a nursing home in Virginia.
–Dr. Steven Mosher, professor of health care administration and political science

Social Work

Whether in Staunton, at an MBC regional center, or spending a semester abroad as a social work intern, work side-by-side with faculty and students who share your caring spirit

I have learned to step up and become a leader. I came to Honduras to make a difference. There is something inside me that motivates me to do this kind of work. Each day I am giving back to the community.
–Vanessa Lancaster ’10
I am much more culturally sensitive, open, and just take everything in. I am always making comparisons between Honduras and the U.S.: government, education, culture. I call upon everything I learned at MBC in what I do.
–Jeincy Paniagua ’10

Vanessa Lancaster and Jeincy PaniaguaVanessa Lancaster ’10 and Jeincy Paniagua ’10 spent their final semester performing social work in Honduras, putting into action what they had previously studied in textbooks.