Today, Ever Ahead: The Campaign for Mary Baldwin College — the largest fundraising effort in MBC’s history — is a highly focused endeavor that is transforming the entire college. The campaign has raised $68.8 million to date, including alumna Bertie Murphy Deming Smith’s second gift to the campaign, the $15 million lead gift that launched the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences. The new campus and the charter classes in physical and occupational therapy opened on June 15, 2014.

MBC upholds a steadfast commitment to providing students with a superior education in areas that meet growing needs within the local and broader communities. Through contributions of funds, time, and energy, our network of supporters will help the college meet its strategic plan goals, both fortifying the legacy and enabling a sustainable, ever brightening future for this remarkable institution. We ask that you support the Ever Ahead campaign as we embark on MBC’s next historic chapter.


MBC President Pamela Fox and Campaign Cabinet Chair Claire “Yum” Lewis  Arnold ’69 discuss the campaign.

President Fox: I admire so much the courageous spirit that has driven us throughout our history to extend our reach to new programs and groups of students. Our ability to remain true to our mission and change as the world changes around us is a defining characteristic of our distinguished legacy.

Yum Arnold: I completely agree. “Ever Ahead” signifies Mary Baldwin’s ability to stay one step ahead of the curve in higher education. We’ve been setting the standard in many areas for a long time.  Reflecting the trajectory of the Sigmoid curve, we have continuously envisioned and set a new trend before the last one plateaus, specifically through our Adult Degree Program, the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, Shakespeare and Performance program, and Graduate Teacher Education, as well as through our more recent Gateway initiative.

President Fox: We have already achieved a great deal in this campaign as we now publicly launch the final phase, or the next “curve,” if you will.  We have strengthened our core legacy in the liberal arts and sciences through 19 new and updated academic programs, elevated undergraduate student research, and enhanced global citizenship through the Spencer Center.  We have renovated 80 percent of the buildings on our historic campus, completed Phase I of the Pearce Science Center renovation, and bucked national trends by achieving record enrollment — each one of these accomplishments made possible by the campaign that keeps us ever ahead of trends in higher education.

Yum Arnold: True to our nature, we are again anticipating the future by introducing high-demand, graduate-level health sciences programs for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and physician assistant studies. We recognize that  the world has  a growing population of aging adults,  that women are the majority of healthcare professionals, and that MBC has historically enjoyed exceptionally strong  undergraduate sciences.  This next phase in our entrepreneurial evolution will build upon these strengths, take advantage of these opportunities, and will continue our trajectory.

President Fox: Yes it will. Mary Baldwin College is a place of transforming possibilities. We empower leaders who will truly change the world through their compassion and confidence.

Yum Arnold: You know as well as I that our modest endowment has historically required us to be innovative in order to continue to offer superior programs and attract quality students. As a result, we’ve created strong and unique programs that have served as models for other institutions. This innovation has become our source of strength. Alumnae/i and friends of the college appreciate the visionary leadership that Mary Baldwin continues to enjoy and are supporting this campaign to assure that our legacy of exceptional education continues to evolve with relevance to our changing world.  We want to assure that we remain ever ahead.

President Fox: Exactly, Yum. Investing in the power of this mission is an investment in MBC and the future of both our local and broader communities; we are supporting our students’ cultivation through this campaign, graduating tomorrow’s visionary leaders.