Biology of Women

        Text:   Sloane, Ethel  Biology of Women, 4th edition  ISBN 0-7668-1142-5

                   Health Screenings for Women


                Syllabus Sample


Assignment Read Chapter Chapter 1

Be prepared to discuss these questions on Friday


13.  What is managed care?  Be prepared to tell the difference between an HMO, PPO and POS and how you would access care.

14.  Why is managed care different that traditional health insurance?

15.  Why do some believe that insurance companies have a greater effect on health care than doctors?

16.  How do doctors feel about managed care?

17.  What is defensive medicine?

18.  How do doctors police their own profession for quality care?

19.  What is a second opinion?

20.  What is the difference between being a consumer patient relationship and an authoritarian paternalistic relationship?

Homework for Monday - Read Chapter 2 - through page 47.....The topic will be Reproductive Anatomy