Fitness and Nutrition Helpers

Health Age Questionnaire - How Well are you?  This is a good place to assess your overall health and wellness

Body Mass Index - BMI is a mathematical expression that describes the normal proportions between weight and height

Food Guide Pyramid - The USDA has issued the new dietary guidelines for Americans and has a great new website that personalizes the food guide pyramid to you - check it out for great healthy eating tips

How hard should I exercise?  - Sometimes we consider workouts to be hard or easy?  How do you actually gauge how hard you are working?

Where does my run classify me compared to others?  Use this calculator to find out how your 1.5 or 2.0 mile time compares to others your age.

How many calories do I burn during exercise?  This is a great link - make sure that you scroll all the way to the bottom - there you can put in your weight then put 1 in the minutes - that way you will find out how many calories you burn for each minute of the different activities.

How many calories to I consume?  So you just found out how many calories you burned on your last run - now find out out many calories you consume....
This is a free dietary calculator - however you must log in as a new user with a name and password.  Once you are in you can find out how many calories that pizza really did have?

Food Portions - How much is a serving - this page will be helpful as you use the dietary calculator

Food Exchanges - If the calculator is TOOO much trouble - you can use this link to find out how many calories you consume