The film minor emphasizes the critical or practical study of cinema as an art form, a mass media industry, and a social artifact that both reflects and shapes human culture. The minor integrates courses from many academic disciplines to provide students with cultural, historical, and aesthetic means to think about and create a variety of visual communication media. Film offers an exciting means for learning about contemporary culture and our increasingly global society. Additionally, the study of film enhances understanding of the communication process and media literacy by strengthening students’ understanding of visual language.

Students may choose one of two tracks for the 21-hour minor in film: Film Studies or Film Production.

Film Studies emphasizes critical and theoretical approaches to cinema and visual culture. This track allows students to explore cinema as an international and multicultural expression of personal and communal values, as well as a creative means of expression.

Film Production offers students the option to apply theory to practice through courses in photography, scriptwriting, video production, and theater production. Students interested in pursuing this track will engage primarily in experiential classes.