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Knowledge of a foreign language is one of the foundations of a solid liberal arts education. It develops the intellect and opens you to the world as others see and interpret it. Your knowledge of a different culture is deepened and nuanced. In addition, as we see demographic shifts take place in the U. S. (increasing Hispanic population, for example), and problems and opportunities present themselves on a global scale, a foreign language will help you participate in solving the problems and take advantage of the opportunities, personal and professional.

More locally, study of a foreign language through the Intermediate sequence is one of the requirements for election to Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society in the country. We are fortunate to have a chapter at Mary Baldwin. And if you become an Honors Scholar, you will need to meet that requirement as well.

In addition to the Spanish major/minor and French minor,  MBC offers Beginning and Intermediate Japanese.

Masako Hikami, who received her MEd from MBC,  returned to MBC to teach Japanese. this year. See Asian Studies for more information.

Majors at Mary Baldwin that require study of a foreign language:


WLL requires or recommends study abroad for all its majors/minors.
WLL has a long history of organizing May Term Abroad programs.

  • Martha Walker offers study of French drama and attendance at French plays in Paris
  • Brenci Patiño offers  May terms in Mexico.

Study Abroad and May Term at MBC 

For study abroad in Japan, contact Dr. Daniel Metraux:

Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto, Japan:

Tokyo Jogakkan College:

For study abroad in Mexico, contact Dr. Brenci Patiño,

UVa Hispanic Studies Program in Valencia, Spain:

Other Study Abroad Links


Keep up your language skills and enhance your resume by demonstrating foreign language ability in your major or minor. Have you had 3-4 years of high school French or Spanish? Or, Have you completed the Intermediate level in college? Or, Are you a native speaker of French or Spanish?  Why not take a one-credit P/NC  course linked to a course in your major or minor?

Here’s how it works:
Enroll in FREN 220: French Across the Curriculum or SPAN 220: Spanish Across the Curriculum. Choose which other course you will link to the language course, for example, HCA 101. Meet once a week to share your study of authentic materials (articles, websites, films related, for example, to HCA 101) in French or Spanish with other members of the language course. Prepare key vocabulary and concepts for discussion in  French or Spanish.

Enroll in HIST 243 — French Revolution and FREN 220. In the FREN 220 course, study primary sources related to topics in the History course. You might study songs of the French Revolution, for example. Prepare key concepts and vocabulary and discuss your findings in French with other members of the language class. If appropriate, make a presentation to the History class in English or write a short paper on the research you did for the language class.

Almost any course can link to the language course. To inquire, please contact Brenci Patiño,, Martha Walker,, or Anne McGovern,

Are you graduating soon? Would you like to live and work abroad for a year?
Would you like to travel to a French or Spanish speaking country to do a research project or be an English Teaching Assistant for a year? Now that you know French or Spanish you can do it. Start planning: once you earn your BA, you are eligible to apply to the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. For further information go to:


Russell Scholarship
The recipient is a rising senior outstanding in academic achievement, character, and service. The recipient works on a special research project in her field. The award includes funds (approximately $1,000) for a research project designed by the student with a faculty advisor.

Dorothy Mulberry Scholarship This scholarship includes funding for Spanish students to study abroad, in a Spanish speaking country, for up to one full year. One scholarship per year will be awarded. Contact person: Dr Arbulú:

Melissa Mitchell Memorial Travel Award for May Term. This award will provide $500 to a student of Mary Baldwin College who will be involved in a formal program of study outside the United States in May Term 2007.
(see department professors for more information and applications for these awards)


Brenci Patiño, Spanish,

Martha Walker, French

Anne McGovern, French


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