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Matching Gifts

Give to MBCImagine if you could double or triple your gift to Mary Baldwin College
. . . If your company offers a program called Matching Gifts, your
gift will be combined with the company’s match for a total gift much
higher than yours alone. Some companies even extend this benefit to
spouses and retired employees as well.

To find out if your or your spouse’s company matches gifts, please
click here.
You can also check with your Human Resources Office or contact us to
help you at 800-622-4255.

Your company’s human resources or community relations office can provide
you with a matching gift form and guidelines for matching gifts. Mail
your completed matching gift form with your gift to:

Mary Baldwin College
Office of Institutional Advancement
P.O. Box 1500
Staunton, VA 24402

We are happy to acknowledge both you and your company for a matching
gift. The total amount of your gift (your funds + your company’s match)
is used to calculate your placement in the college’s giving societies.