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Grafton Library: New Titles April 2013


Weintraub, Stanley. Whistler; a biography. ND237.W6 W44 1974
Woods, Tim. Beginning postmodernism . NX456.5.P66 W66 1999
Audio Visual
Bendjelloul, Malik. Searching for Sugar Man [videorecording] . AV ML420.R637 S43 2013
Budnik, Julie. Big bets : 100 years of Southern Company . [videorecording]. AV HD9685.U6 B54 2012
Landau, Ely. King [videorecording] : a filmed record-- Montgomery to Memphis . AV E185.97.K5 K56 2009
Phillips, Jenny. The Dhamma brothers [videorecording] . AV HV9305.A2 D43 2010
A room with a view [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .R6656 1986
Argo [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .A7461 2012
Breaking dawn. Part 2 [videorecording] . AV AA1997.B741 T85 2012
Flight [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .F6548 2012
Les misérables [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .M5644 2012
Life of Pi [videorecording] . AV AA1997.L544 P5 2012
Lincoln [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .L5642 2012
Mississippi masala [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .M5775 1991
Skyfall [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .S6094 2012
Wreck-It Ralph [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .W7435 2012
Zero dark thirty [videorecording] . AV AA1997 .Z4753 2012
Business and Economics
Barbier, Edward. A new blueprint for a green economy . HD75.6 .B355 2012
Bates, Robert H. Prosperity and violence : the political economy of development . HD82 .B3257 2001
Blackmore, Susan J. The meme machine . HM291 .B535 1999
Dosal, Paul J. Doing business with the dictators : a political history of United Fruit in Guatemala, 1899-1944 . HD9259.B3 G834 1993
Sandberg, Sheryl. Lean in : women, work, and the will to lead . HD6054.3 .S265 2013
Spring, Joel H. Educating the consumer-citizen : a history of the marriage of schools, advertising, and media . HF5415.33.U6 S67 2003
Weis, Lois. Class reunion : the remaking of the American white working class . HD8066 .W45 2004
Young, Scott T. Sustainability : essentials for business . HD30.255 .Y67 2013
Ayers, Rick. Teaching the taboo : courage and imagination in the classroom . LB1025.3 .A934 2011
Ayers, William. To become a teacher : making a difference in children's lives . LB1775.2 .T6 1995
Biklen, Sari Knopp. School work : gender and the cultural construction of teaching . LB2837 .B55 1995
Carnoy, Martin. The charter school dust-up : examining the evidence on enrollment and achievement . LB2806.36 .C37 2005
Cohen, Sol. Challenging orthodoxies : toward a new cultural history of education . LA209 .C635 1999
Cremin, Lawrence A. Popular education and its discontents . LC89 .C7 1989
Evans, Ronald W. The social studies wars : what should we teach the children? . LB1584 .E95 2004
Finder, Morris. Educating America : how Ralph W. Tyler taught America to teach . LA2317.T95 F56 2004
Fink, L. Dee. Creating significant learning experiences : an integrated approach to designing college courses . LB2331 .F495 2003
Gagnon, George W. Constructivist learning design : key questions for teaching to standards . LB1590.3 .G33 2006
Giroux, Henry A. Pedagogy and the politics of hope : theory, culture, and schooling : a critical reader . LC196 .G573 1997
Giroux, Henry A. The abandoned generation : democracy beyond the culture of fear . LC196.5.U6 G56 2003
Hargreaves, Andy. Teaching in the knowledge society : education in the age of insecurity . LB1025.3 .H366 2003
Hollister, Christopher Vance. Best practices for credit-bearing information literacy courses . ZA3075 .B48 2010
Hooks, Bell. Teaching community : a pedagogy of hope . LC196.5.U6 H66 2003
Hooks, Bell. Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom . LC196 .H66 1994
Luke, Carmen. Pedagogy, printing, and Protestantism : the discourse on childhood . LA721.4 .L84 1989
Marlowe, Bruce A. Creating and sustaining the constructivist classroom . LB1590.3 .M37 2005
Meier, Deborah. The power of their ideas : lessons for America from a small school in Harlem . LA217.2 .M45 1995
Pai, Young. Cultural foundations of education . LB45 .P35 2006
Payne, Charles M. So much reform, so little change : the persistence of failure in urban schools . LC5133.C4 P39 2008
Peters, R. S. Ethics and education LB880 .P43 1970
Rotberg, Iris C. Balancing change and tradition in global education reform . LB43 .G56 2004
Smith, Mary Lee. Political spectacle and the fate of American schools . LC89 .S62 2004
Stromquist, Nelly P. Education in a globalized world : the connectivity of economic power, technology, and knowledge . LC71 .S87 2002
Villegas, Malia. Indigenous knowledge and education : sites of struggle, strength, and survivance . LC3715 .I53 2008
Wallace, James M. The promise of progressivism : Angelo Patri & urban education . LB875.P29 W35 2006
Whitehead, Marian R. Language and literacy in the early years . LB1139.5.L35 W45 2004
Whitton, Nicola. Learning with digital games : a practical guide to engaging students in higher education . LB2395.7 .W55 2010
Willinsky, John. Learning to divide the world : education at empire's end . LC1090 .W53 1998
Willinsky, John. The access principle : the case for open access to research and scholarship . Z286.O63 W55 2006
Adorno, Theodor W. The culture industry : selected essays on mass culture . CB427 .A33 2001
Clowes, Edith W. Between tsar and people : educated society and the quest for public identity in late imperial Russia . DK220 .B48 1991
Deutsch, Sandra McGee. The Argentine right : its history and intellectual origins, 1910 to the present . F2848 .A74 1993
Gaddis, John Lewis. The United States and the origins of the cold war, 1941-1947. E744 .G25 1972
Gilbert, Martin. A history of the twentieth century. Volume three 1952-1999 . D421 .G55 2000 v. 3
Gilbert, Martin. A history of the twentieth century. Volume two, 1933-1951 . D421 .G55 1997
Gleijeses, Piero. Shattered hope : the Guatemalan revolution and the United States, 1944-1954 . E183.8.G9 S48 1992
Harbury, Jennifer. Searching for Everardo : a story of love, war, and the CIA in Guatemala . F1466.7.E84 H3 1997
Herrmann, Richard K. Ending the Cold War : interpretations, causation, and the study of international relations . D843 .E485 2004
Hoge, James F. The American encounter : the United States and the making of the modern world : essays from 75 years of Foreign affairs . E744 .A5324 1997
Hollister, C. Warren. The making of England, 55 B.C. to 1399 . DA30 .H652 1988 v. 1
Howard, Michael Eliot. The Oxford history of the twentieth century . D421 .O95 1998
Kegley, Charles W. From war to peace : fateful decisions in international politics . D32 .K44 2002
Kicza, John E. The Indian in Latin American history : resistance, resilience, and acculturation . E65 .I45 1993
LeDonne, John P. The Russian empire and the world, 1700-1917 : the geopolitics of expansion and containment . DK145 .L43 1997
McDougall, Walter A. Promised land, crusader state : the American encounter with the world since 1776 . E183.7 .M4715 1997
Owen, David. Balkan Odyssey . DR1313.7.D58 O95 1995
Pressly, Paul M. On the rim of the Caribbean : colonial Georgia and the British Atlantic world . F289 .P74 2013
Satter, David. Age of delirium : the decline and fall of the Soviet Union . DK266 .S267 1996
Smith, Lacey Baldwin. This realm of England, 1399 to 1688 . DA30 .H652 1988 v. 2
Steet, Linda. Veils and daggers : a century of National geographic's representation of the Arab world . DS38.9 .S73 2000
Stokes, Gale. The walls came tumbling down : the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe . DJK50 .S75 1993
Vaksberg, Arkadii. Stalin against the Jews . DS146.S65 V35 1995
Viotti, Paul R. American foreign policy and national security : a documentary record . E183.7 .A557 2005
Williamson, Samuel R. Austria-Hungary and the origins of the First World War . DB86 .W515 1990
Zubok, Vladislav M. Inside the Kremlin's cold war : from Stalin to Khrushchev . DK267 .Z78 1996
Language, Literature and Drama
Colombo, Gary. Rereading America : cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing . PE1127.H5 R4 2001
Duvall, John N. The Cambridge companion to American fiction after 1945 . PS379 .C26 2012
Eco, Umberto. Travels in hyper reality : essays . PQ4865.C6 T7 1990
Ford, Paul Leicester. The New England primer; a history of its origin and development with a reprint of the unique copy of the earliest known edition and many fac-simile illustrations and reproductions, PE1119.A1 N43 1962
Hitchens, Christopher. Why Orwell matters . PR6029.R8 Z664 2008
Jenkins, Henry. Convergence culture : where old and new media collide . P94.65.U6 J46 2008
Morrison, Toni. Home . PS3563.O8749 H66 2012
Sedaris, David. When you are engulfed in flames . PS3569.E314 W48 2008
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. A study of Shakespeare . PR2976 .S8 2006
Wardi, Anissa Janine. Water and African American memory : an ecocritical perspective . PS153.N5 W344 2011
Beachy, John A. Abstract algebra . QA162 .B4 2006
Political Science and Law
Bienen, Henry. Voices of power : world leaders speak . JC330.3 .V65 1994
Bloomfield, David C. American public education law primer . KF4119.8.E3 B56 2007
Bobbitt, Philip. The shield of Achilles : war, peace, and the course of history . JZ1316 .B63 2002
Dougherty, James E. Contending theories of international relations : a comprehensive survey . JX1395 .D67 2001
Downing, Brian M. The military revolution and political change : origins of democracy and autocracy in early modern Europe . JN7 .D69 1992
Korzi, Michael J. Presidential term limits in American history : power, principles & politics . JK550 .K67 2011
Martin, Waldo E. Brown v. Board of Education : a brief history with documents . KF228.B76 B76 1998
Permanent Peoples' Tribunal. Guatemala--tyranny on trial : testimony of the Permanent People's Tribunal . JC599.G9 I5813 1984
Smith, Peter H. Democracy in Latin America : political change in comparative perspective . JL966 .S6 2005
Sudoplatov, Pavel. Special tasks : the memoirs of an unwanted witness, a Soviet spymaster . JN6529.I6 S83 1994
Terchek, Ronald. Theories of democracy : a reader . JC423 .T398 2001
Thatcher, Margaret. Statecraft : strategies for a changing world . JZ1305 .T45 2002
Van Dyke, Vernon. Ideology and political choice : the search for freedom, justice, and virtue . JA84.U5 V36 1995
Science and Technology
Bailey, James. After thought : the computer challenge to human intelligence . QA76.9.C66 B35 1996
Banks, Michael A. Blogging heroes : interviews with 30 of the world's top bloggers . TK5105.8884 .B36 2008
Ess, Charles. Philosophical perspectives on computer-mediated communication . TK5105.6 .P55 1996
Graham, Gordon. The Internet : a philosophical inquiry . TK5105.875.I57 G72 1999
Hakim, Joy. Aristotle leads the way . Q126 .H35 2004
Johnson, Robert R. User-centered technology : a rhetorical theory for computers and other mundane artifacts . QA76.9.U83 J64 1998
Stone, Allucquère Rosanne. The war of desire and technology at the close of the mechanical age . QA76.9.C66 S883 1995
Tenner, Edward. Why things bite back : technology and the revenge of unintended consequences . T14.5 .T459 1996
Turkle, Sherry. Life on the screen : identity in the age of the Internet . QA76.9.C66 T87 1995
Social Sciences
Bennett, W. Lance. Civic life online : learning how digital media can engage youth . HQ799.2.P6 C58 2008
Boo, Katherine. Behind the beautiful forevers . HV4140.M86 B66 2012
Chua, Amy. Battle hymn of the tiger mother . HQ759 .C59 2011
Martin, Gus. Understanding terrorism : challenges, perspectives, and issues . HV6431 .M367 2003
Montgomery, Kathryn C. Generation digital : politics, commerce, and childhood in the age of the internet . HQ784.M3 M66 2007
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States. The 9.11 report . HV6432.7 .N39 2004
Ogata, Sadako N. The turbulent decade : confronting the refugee crises of the 1990s . HV640.3 .O45 2005
Payne, Geoff. Key concepts in social research . H62 .P3238 2004
Ritchie, Jane. Qualitative research practice : a guide for social science students and researchers . H62 .Q3546 2003
Scheper-Hughes, Nancy. Small wars : the cultural politics of childhood . HQ767.9 .S58 1998
Weiner, Tim. Enemies : a history of the FBI . HV8144.F43 W45 2012
Sports and Recreation
Kent, Steve L. The ultimate history of video games : from Pong to Pokémon and beyond : the story behind the craze that touched our lives and changed the world . GV1469.3 .K45 2001
Sicart, Miguel. The ethics of computer games . GV1469.34.C67 S53 2009