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DVD Feature Films


Updated Janaury 17, 2013

title Pub Date
The 3 penny opera   = Dreigroschenoper   c2007.
4 little girls    2010
8 Women   = 8 femmes  c2002.
8 mile    [2003], c2002.
9/ c2009.
10 things I hate about you    c1999.
12:08 east of Bucharest   = A fost sau n-a fost?  c2007.
12 angry men  . c1956, 2001.
21/ c2008.
21 grams    [2004], c2003.
21 Jump Street    [2012]
24 hour party people    [2003], c2001.
27 dresses    c2008.
30 days    c2006.
The 39 steps    1935
50/50    c2012.
127 hours    [2011]
200 cigarettes    c1999.
300/ c2007.
The 400 blows   =Quatre cents coups  c1998.
2001 : a space odyssey    c1998.
2012/ [2010]
2046/ [2005]
About a boy    c2002.
About Schmidt    [2003], c2002.
The Abyss    c2000.
Adaptation    [2003], c2002.
The adventures of Tintin    c2012.
Affliction    c1997, 1999.
The adventures of Priscilla, queen of the desert    [2000]
Aguirre, the wrath of God   = Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes  2000
A.I. Artificial intelligence    [2002], c2001.
Akira    c1987.
Alexander    2005, c2004.
Alfie    [2005]
Ali   : the director's cut  2004, c2001
Alice    1989
All about my mother   = Todo sobre mi madre c2000.
All quiet on the western front    c1999.
All the pretty horses    [2001], c2000.
All the real girls    [2003], c2002.
Almost famous    [2001].
Amadeus    c1997.
Amandla!   : a revolution in four part harmony  [2003], c2002.
Amarcord   = I remember  1998
Amelie   : Amélie from Montmartre  [2002], c2001.
American history X    c1998.
American movie    c2000.
American psycho    c2000.
American splendor    [2004], c2003.
Amistad    c1999.
Amistad    c1999.
Amores perros    c2001.
Andrei Rublev   
Angela's ashes    c2000.
Angels in America    c2004.
Anne of the thousand days    [2007]
Annie Hall    [c2005]
Another day in paradise    c1998, 1999.
Antwone Fisher    [2003], c2002.
Anxious animation  . c2006.
Apocalypse now    [1999]
Apocalypse now redux    2001
Apocalypto    [2007], c2006.
The apostle    c2003.
Arabian nights    c1998.
Ararat    [2003], c2002.
Arsenic and old lace    [2000]
Artists of the west coast    2003
Avant-garde   : experimental cinema of the 1920s and '30s. c2005.
The aviator    [2005].
The aviator    [2005].
Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter    [c2012]
Adam's apples   = Adams Æbler  c2007.
The Adams chronicles    [2008]
The Adams chronicles    [2008]
The Adams chronicles    [2008]
The Adams chronicles    [2008]
The Adjustment Bureau    2011
The age of stupid    2010
Aging out    2006
The agony and the ecstasy    c2005.
Alberto Giacometti    c2001.
Alice in Wonderland    2010
All good things    [2011]
Amazing grace    2007
The amazing Spider-Man    [c2012]
The American    c2010.
Angels and demons    c2009.
Army of darkness    1998
Arráncame la vida   : el corazón no se gobierna = Tear this heart out  c2010.
Arthur    c2011.
The artist    [2012]
As it is in heaven     = Så{030A} som i himmelen  [2009].
As you like it    c2007.
Atonement    [2008]
Avatar    2010
Avatar    2010
The Avengers    2012
By Brakhage   : an anthology  c2003.
BaadAssss cinema   : a bold look at 70's blaxploitation films  c2002.
Babel    c2007.
Babette's feast    [2001]
Bad education   =  La mala educación  [2005]
Bad Santa    [2004], c2003.
Badlands    [1999]
The ballad of Bering Strait    c2003.
The barbarian invasions   = Les invasions barbares  [2004]
Barfi  2012
Barry Lyndon    c1999.
Batman begins    c2005.
The Battleship Potemkin    c1998.
A beautiful mind    [2002], c2001.
Beauty and the beast   = La belle et la bête  1998
Before night falls    [2001], c2000.
Being John Malkovich    2000
Beloved    [1999?]
Bend it like Beckham    [2003]
Bend it like Beckham    [2003]
The bicycle thief   = Ladri di biciclette/ c1998.
The bicycle thief   = Ladri di biciclette/ c1998.
Big fish    [2004]
Big night    1997, c1996.
The Big sleep    1946
The birds    c2000, 1963.
Blade    c1998.
Blade II    c2002.
Blade   : Trinity  2005
Blade runner   : the director's cut  1996, 1991.
The Blair Witch project    c1999.
Blood simple    c2001.
Blue   = Trois couleurs, bleu  1996
Blue velvet    c2000
Body double    1998
Body heat    1997, 1981.
Bon voyage    [2004], c2003.
Bonnie and Clyde    2008
Boogie nights    c2000.
The book of life    c1998, 2000.
Born into brothels    [2005], c2004.
Bounce    [2001], c2000.
The Bourne identity    c2002.
The Bourne legacy    [c2012]
Bowling for Columbine    [2003], c2002.
Boys don't cry    2000
The Brandon Teena story    1998
Brazil    c2006.
Bread and tulips   = Pane e tulipani [2002], c2000.
Breaking dawn. Part 1    [2012]
Bridget Jones's diary    2001
Bridget Jones's diary    2001
Bringing out the dead    [2000].
Broadcast news    c1999.
Brokedown palace    c1999.
The brothers    2001
The Brothers Grimm    [2005]
The Brothers Quay collection   : ten astonishing short films, 1984-1993  c2000.
Bubba Ho-tep    [2004], c2002.
Buena Vista Social Club    c1999.
Bull Durham    1998
Bulworth    1999
Bus 174    2004
The business of strangers    [2002], c2001.
Bab al wazeer    = {02BB}Alá b{0101}b al-waz{012B}r  [2000?]
Baby mama    c2008.
Bad teacher    c2011.
Ballast    [2009]
Band of outsiders   = Bande à part  c2003.
Barbershop 2   : back in business  c2004.
The Basketball diaries    1998, c1995.
Beasts of the southern wild    c2012.
Beginners    [2011]
Being Julia    [2005]
The benchwarmers    2006
Bernie    c2012.
The best exotic Marigold Hotel    c2012.
A better life    [2011]
The big buy   : Tom Delay's stolen Congress  2006
The big game    = al-La{02BB}b ma{02BB}a al-kib{0101}r  [200-?]
Big Mommas   : like father, like son  c2011.
The birth of a nation   : D.W. Griffith's American epic  2011
Bitter sugar   = Azucar amarga  p2001.
Biutiful    c2011.
Black    c2005.
Black beauty    [2004]
The Black Dahlia    c2006.
Black diamonds   : mountaintop removal & the fight for coalfield justice  c2006.
Black Hawk down    [2002]
Black rain   = Kuroi ame  c1998.
Black swan    c2011.
The blind side    c2010, 2009.
Bliss   = Mutluluk  c2007.
Blood diamond    [2007]
Blue valentine    2011
The bone collector    [2000]
The book of Eli    [2010]
Borat   : cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan  2007
The Bourne supremacy    c2004.
The Bourne ultimatum    c2007.
The boy in the striped pajamas    [2009].
Boys on the side    c1995.
Brave    c2012.
Breach    c2007.
Breaking the waves    c1999.
Brick    2006
The bride with white hair    1996, 1993.
Bridget Jones   : the edge of reason  [2005]
Bridget Jones   : the edge of reason  [2005]
Brokeback Mountain    c2006.
Brokeback Mountain    c2006.
Broken embraces    = Los abrazos rotos/ [2010]
Broken flowers    [2005]
Brooklyn's finest    c2010.
The bucket list    [2008]
Buffy, the vampire slayer. The complete first season on DVD    [2002], c2001.
Buffy, the vampire slayer. The complete first season on DVD    [2002], c2001.
Buffy, the vampire slayer. The complete first season on DVD    [2002], c2001.
Bukowski   : born into this  c2006.
The bullet =    al-Ra{1E63}{0101}{1E63}ah l{0101} taz{0101}lu f{012B} jayb{012B}  [2000?]
Bully    2001
Burlesque    [2011]
Burn after reading    c2008.
The butterfly effect    c2004.
Bridesmaids    [2011]
Caballos salvajes     = Wild horses  [2004]
The cameraman's revenge and other fantastic tales   : the amazing puppet animation of Ladislaw Starewicz  [2000]
Casablanca    c1998.
Casino    1998
Cecil B. Demented    c2000.
Celebrity    [1999].
Celsius 41.11 :   the temperature at which the brain begins to die  2004
Center stage    c2000.
Central Station    [1999].
The Chaplin mutuals, volume 1    1995, 1916-1917.
The Chaplin mutuals, volume 2    1995, 1916-1917.
The Chaplin revue    2004
Charlie and the chocolate factory    c2005.
Chicago    c2002.
Children underground    c2002.
Chinatown    1999
Chocolat    [2001], c2000.
Cinderella    [2005]
The circle   = Il cerchio  [2001], c2000.
Citizen Kane    c1941.
City of God    = Cidade de Deus  c2003.
The city of lost children   = [La] cité des enfants perd[us]/ c1999.
The company    [2004], c2003.
Confessions of a teenage drama queen    c2004.
Confidentially yours   or Vivement dimanche  1983, 1999.
Conspirators of pleasure    c1999, 1996.
The Conversation    c1974.
Cookie's fortune    [1999].
Corpse Bride    [2006]
Coyote ugly    [2001], c2000.
Crash    2005
Crouching tiger, hidden dragon    [2001], c2000.
The crying game    [2005]
C.S.A.   : The Confederate States of America  [2006]
The cup    [2001]
The cabin in the woods    [2012].
The cabinet of Dr. Caligari   : a film in six acts  c2002.
Caché   = Hidden  [2006]
Capote    [2006]
Captain America   : the first avenger  [2011]
Cars 2    c2011.
Casanova    2006
Casanova    2006
Casino Royale    [2007]
Catch and release    c2007.
The cave of the yellow dog   = Höhle des gelben Hundes  [2006]
Cedar Rapids    [2011]
Changeling    [2009]
Chariots of fire    [2005]
Charlie   : the life and art of Charlie Chaplin  2003
Chi-hwa-seon   = Painted fire  c2003.
Chico and Rita    [2012].
Un chien andalou    c2004.
Children of men    [2007]
Children of the corn    c2001.
The chorus   = Les choristes  [2005?]
Chronicles of Narnia : The lion, the witch and the wardrobe    2006
The chronicles of Narnia. Explorer pack     [2011]
The chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian    [2008]
The chronicles of Narnia. The voyage of the Dawn Treader    [2011]
Cinema 16   : American short films  [2006]
The circus    [2003]
City lights   : a comedy romance in pantomime  2003
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs   [2010]
Collateral    c2004.
A collection of 2005 Academy Award nominated short films    c2006
A collection of 2006 Academy Award nominated short films    c2007.
College road trip    c2008.
The color purple    c2007.
Como agua para chocolate   = Like water for chocolate  [2000?]
The company men    [2011]
Confessions of a shopaholic    [2009]
Constantine    c2005.
The contender    [2001].
Conviction    c2010.
The Cook, the thief, his wife & her lover   c2001.
Coraline    c2009.
The corporation    2003
The Count of Monte Cristo    [2002]
Country strong    [2011]
Crash    [2006]
Crazy heart    c2010.
Crazy, stupid, love    c2011.
The crime of Padre Amaro    [2003], c2002.
The crossing    [2002]
The curious case of Benjamin Button    [2009]
The Da Vinci Code    c2006.
The Da Vinci Code    c2006.
Dancer in the dark    c2000.
Dark city    c1998.
Daughters of the dust    c1999.
Days of heaven    c1978.
Dead man    [2000]
The Decalogue   = Dekalog  2000
The Decalogue   = Dekalog  2000
Decameron  : da "Il Decameron" di G. Boccaccio  c1991.
The departed    [2007]
Diary of a mad black woman    c2005.
Different for girls    [1999]
Le dîner de cons   = Dinner game  2003, c1998.
Dirty pretty things    [2004].
The disenchanted   = La Désenchantée  1990
Diva    [2000].
Divine secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood    c2002.
Divine trash    [c2000].
Do the right thing    c1998.
Do the right thing    2001, 1989.
Dogma    c2000.
Don Giovanni    1989
Double indemnity    1997
Downfall    [2005].
Dr. Strangelove   : or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb  1999, c1963.
Dr. T & the women    2000
Dracula   : the legacy collection  c2004.
Dracula    2004
Dracula    c2007.
The Draughtsman's contract    c1999.
Dreamlife of angels     =Vie rev{0302}ée des anges  c1999.
Drumline    [2003], c2002.
The Dark knight    c2008.
The dark knight rises    [2012]
Das Boot   the boat  c1997.
Date night    c2010.
Day break   = Dam e sobh  c2006.
The day the Earth stood still    c2009.
Day watch   = [Dnevno{012D} dozor]  c2007.
A day without a Mexican    c2004.
Dear John    c2010.
Death at a funeral    2008, c2007.
Death of a salesman    [2002], c1985.
Death of Mr. Lazarescu   = Moartea domnului Lazarescu   c2006.
A decade under the influence    c2003.
Deer's blood =    Dam al-ghaz{0101}l   [2005?]
Defiance    c2009.
Delicatessen    [2006]
Departures    = Okuribito  c2009.
The descendants    c2012.
Despicable me    c2010.
Devdas    2002
Dhalapathi  Mannan :   Tamil Songs  200-.
Diary of a wimpy kid    c2010.
Diary of a wimpy kid. Rodrick rules    2011
The dictator    2012
Dil chahta hai  . 2004
Dilwale dulhania le jayenge   = the brave-heart will take the bride  cp1995.
Dirty dancing    1997
District 9    c2009.
Disturbia    c2007.
Doctor Finlay. No time for heroes    [2005]
Dolley Madison   : America's first lady  c2010.
The Doors    2006
The Doors collection    c1999.
Dor    [c2006?]
Doubt    [2009]
Downton Abbey [Season one]    ©2011.
Downton Abbey. Season 2    c2012.
Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog    2008
Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who!    c2008.
The dream team    c2003.
Drive    [2012]
Edison   : the invention of the movies  [2005]
Election    c1999.
Elf    [2004].
Enron   : the smartest guys in the room  [2006]
Erin Brockovich    c2000.
Erotique    1994
E.T., the extra-terrestrial    c2002.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind    c2004.
Even dwarfs started small    = Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen  1999
eXistenZ    1999
The Exorcist    1998
The eyes of Tammy Faye    c2000.
Eyes wide shut    c1999.
Eyes wide shut    c1999.
East of Eden    c2005.
Eclipse    the Twilight Saga  c2010.
The Edge of Heaven =  Auf der anderen Seite    [2008]
An education    c2010.
El norte   1983
Elizabeth, the golden age    [2008]
Elizabeth I    [2006], c2005.
Emma    [1999]
The end of the line    c2009.
L'enfant   = The child  [2006]
Entertaining angels   : the Dorothy Day story  [2002?], c1996.
Europa Europa    2003
Evita   \ [200?]
Extract    c2009.
Extremely loud and incredibly close    [2012]
Fahrenheit 9/11    c2004.
The family Stone    c2006.
Faraway, so close    c1999, 1993.
Farinelli    c2000, 1995.
The fast runner   = Atanarjuat  [2003], c2000.
Fat girl    [2004]
Faust    c1999, 1994.
The fifth element    1997
The Filth and the fury   : a Sex Pistols film  c2000.
Finding Nemo    2003
Finding Nemo    2003
Finding Neverland    [2005]
Fist of the north star    1986
Fitzcarraldo    1999
Flags of our fathers    [2007]
Flickering lights   = Blinkende lygter  [2003], c2000.
Flock of dodos   : the evolution and intelligent design circus  [2007]
The fog of war   : eleven lessons from the life of Robert S. McNamara  [2004], c2003.
For whom the bell tolls    p1998.
Forces of nature    c1999.
The forgotten    [2005]
The fountain    2007, c2006.
Fracture    c2007.
Frequency    c2000.
Frida    [2003], c2002.
Funny farm    c1999, 1988.
Failure to launch    c2006.
Fair game    [2011]
The family that preys    [2009]
Fantastic Mr. Fox    c2010.
Fast five    c2011.
Fast food nation    c2007.
A feeling inside  = Shay{02BE} f{012B} {1E63}adr{012B}   200-?]
The fighter    c2010.
Firefly. The complete series    c2003.
Firefly. The complete series    c2003.
Firefly. The complete series    c2003.
Firefly. The complete series    c2003.
Fireproof    [2009]
Fires in the mirror   : Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and other identities  c2009.
The five-year engagement    [2012]
The fog    2006, 2005.
Footloose    c2004.
Footnote    = He{02BB}arat shulayim/ [2012]
For colored girls    [2011]
For your consideration    2007
Forbidden on the wedding night    = Mamn{016B}{02BB} f{012B} laylat al-dukhlah  [2004]
Frankenweenie    [2012]
Friends with benefits    [2011]
Friends with kids    [2012]
Frost/Nixon    [2009]
Galaxy Quest    [2000]
Gangs of New York    [2003], c2002.
Garden State    c2004.
Gattaca    c1998.
Generator Gawl. Vol. 1,  . c2000.
Generator Gawl. 2, Future memory  . c2000.
George Washington    c2001.
Get Shorty  . 1997, c1995.
Ghost Dog :   the way of the Samurai  c1999.
Ghost in the shell    1997, 1995.
Gigi    c2000.
The Gingerbread man    1997
Girl on a motorcycle    1968
The gleaners and I    [2002]
Go fish    c2000.
God said, "Ha!"    [2003]
Good bye Lenin!    [2004]
Gosford Park    2002
The gospel according to Saint Matthew   = Il vangelo secondo Matteo  c2004.
Goya in Bordeaux    [2000], c1999.
Gods and monsters    c1999.
The Graduate    c1998.
The grandfather   = El abuelo  c1998.
Grave of the fireflies   = Hotaru no haka  [2002], c1988.
The great raid    c2005.
The green mile    [2000]
Grizzly man    c2005.
Groundhog Day    c1997.
The grudge    [2005]
Guantanamera    2000
Guantanamera    2000
The gathering storm    [2003], c2002.
Get low    c2011.
Get Smart    c2008.
Ghost Rider    c2007.
Ghost world    [2002], c2001.
Giant    [2003]
G.I. Jane    [1998?]
Girl on the bridge    [2008]
The girl who kicked the hornet's nest   = Stieg Larsson's Luftslottet som sprängdes  c2010.
The Girl who played with fire    = Flickan som lekte med elden  [2010]
The girl with the dragon tattoo   = Män som hatar kvinnor  c2010.
The girl with the dragon tattoo    [2012]
Girlfriend    [2012]
Glee. Season 1  . c2010.
Glee. Season 1  . c2010.
Glee. Season 1  . c2010.
Glee. Season 1  . c2010.
Glee. Season 1  . c2010.
Glee. Season 1  . c2010.
Glee   : encore. c2011.
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glee. Season 2    [2011]
Glory    2007
The godfather   : the Coppola restoration. c2008.
The godfather   : the Coppola restoration. c2008.
The godfather   : the Coppola restoration. c2008.
The godfather   : the Coppola restoration. c2008.
The golden compass    [2008]
Gone with the wind    c1998.
Good night, and good luck    [2006].
Good Will Hunting    c1997.
A good year    [2007]
The Gospel    [2006]
Gran Torino    [2009]
Grease    [2006]
The great debaters    c2008.
The Great Gatsby    2003
The greatest movie ever sold    [2011]
The Green Hornet    [2011]
Green Lantern    [2011]
Gregory's girl    [2001]
Guide    [2002?]
The great Gatsby    [2000]
Habit    [1999]
Halloween    1997
Hamlet    2000
Hands on a hard body :   the documentary  c1999.
Happenstance   = Le battement d'ailes du papillon  [2001].
Happiness    c1997.
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone    [2002]
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets    [2003], c2002.
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban    c2004.
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire    [2006]
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire    [2006]
Hearts in Atlantis    [2002], c2001.
Hedwig and the angry inch    c2001.
Hellboy    c2004.
Henry and June    [1999].
Hilary and Jackie    1999
His girl Friday    1999
The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy    c2005.
Holes    c2003.
Hollow man    c2000.
Holy smoke!    [2000?]
The horse whisperer    c1998.
Hot fuzz    c2007.
Hotel Rwanda    [2005], c2004.
The hours    [2003], c2002.
House of Flying Daggers    [2005]
The hurricane    c2000.
Hairspray    c2007.
Hall pass    2011
Hamlet    [2007]
Hamlet  ; Brook by Brook, an intimate portrait   . 2004, c2005.
Hamlet   = Gamlet  c2006.
Hamlet    [2004]
The hand that rocks the cradle    1998]
The hangover    c2009.
The hangover    c2009.
Happy accidents    [2002]
Happy feet    [2007]
Hard candy    [2006]
A hard day's night    [2002]
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix    c2007.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince    c2009.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince    c2009.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1    c2011.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1    c2011.
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. Part 2    c2011.
Hasan and Morqos    = Hassan wa Morcus  2008
Hassan and Naima = {1E24}asan wa-Na{02BB}{012B}ma    [2003?]
A heart in winter   = Un cœur en hiver  [2006]
Hell and back again    [2011]
Hellboy II   : the golden army  [2008]
The help    c2011.
Hereafter    [2011]
Hero    = Ying xiong  [2004]
High fidelity    [2000]
High fidelity    [2000]
A history of violence    [2006]
Hollow city   = Na cidade vazia  [2005?]
Hollywoodland    2007
Hope and glory    c2001.
Horrible bosses    [2011]
The Hostage =      al-Rah{012B}nah  2007
How to train your dragon    c2010.
Hugo    c2012.
The hunger games    [2012]
The hunger games    [2012]
The hurt locker    [2010]
Hustle & flow    [2006]
I, robot    c2004.
The illusionist    [2007], c2006.
In America    [2004], c2002.
In good company    [2005], c2004.
In the bedroom    [2002], c2001.
In the company of men    c1997.
In the cut    2004
An inconvenient truth    c2006.
An inconvenient truth    c2006.
Inland Empire    c2007.
The insider    1999
Insomnia    c2002.
Invasion of the body snatchers    c1998.
Iris    [2002], c2001.
Irma Vep    [c1998].
Iron jawed angels    c2004.
It happened one night    c1999.
I am legend    [2008]
I am number four    c2011.
I can do bad all by myself   : the play  c2010.
I know what you did last summer    c1998.
I, the worst of all    = Yo, la peor de todas  c2003.
I think I love my wife    c2007.
The ides of March    2012
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus    c2010.
Impromptu    [2002]
In the loop    [2010]
Inception    c2010.
The Incredible Hulk    c2008.
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull    2008
Inglourious basterds    c2009.
The inn of the sixth happiness    2003
Innocent voices    = Voces inocentes  [2007]
Inside job    [2011]
Inside man    2006
The invention of lying    [2010]
The iron lady    [2012]
Iron Man    [2008]
Iron Man 2    [2010]
The Island    = al-Jaz{012B}rah  2008
It's complicated    c2010.
Jackson Pollock    c1987, 2000.
Jarhead    [2006]
Jesus of Montreal   = Jésus de Montréal  [2004]
JFK    1997
JFK    1997
Jimi Hendrix    c1999.
The Joy Luck Club    [200-?]
Junebug    [2006]
Just another girl on the I.R.T    [2002]
Just go with it    2011
Jane Eyre    [2011]
J. Edgar    [2012]
Jeff Dunham   : spark of insanity  [2007]
John Adams    [2008]
John Adams    [2008]
John Adams    [2008]
Johnny Guitar    2007
Julie and Julia    c2009.
Jumping the broom    c2011.
Juno    [2008]
Just my luck    c2006.
Kill Bill. Vol. 1    [2004], c2003.
Kill Bill. Vol. 1    [2004], c2003.
Kill Bill Vol. 2    c2004.
The killing fields    [2001].
Kinsey    [2005]
Kirikou and the sorceress    [2004]
Kissing Jessica Stein    [2002], c2001.
Kitchen stories   = Salmer fra kjørkkenet  [2004]
Knife in the water   = Nó{017C} w wodzie  2003
Kolya    c1996.
Kontroll    c2005.
Koyaanisqatsi   = Life out of balance  [2002]
Kramer vs. Kramer    c2001.
Kabuliwala  . [200-?]
Kannathil muthamittal   = [A peck on the cheek]  2005
The karate kid    c2010.
The kid    2003
The kids are all right    c2010.
Kill theory    [2010]
Killer of sheep   : the Charles Burnett collection  [2007]
Killers [videorecording (DVD)]  [2010]
King Lear    [2009]
King Lear   = Korol{02B9} Lir  c2004.
Knowing    c2009.
L.A. confidential    c1998.
Lady Gaga   : one sequin at a time  c2010.
The Lady vanishes   c1998.
Landmarks of early film    c1997.
The Last emperor    c1987.
The last king of Scotland    2007
Last night    2000
The last of the Mohicans    1999
The Last picture show    c1999.
The last seduction    [2002]
The last song    [2010]
The Last temptation of Christ   c2000.
Laurel Canyon    [2003], c2002.
Layer cake    [2005].
The legend of Bagger Vance    c2001.
The legend of drunken master    [2001].
Lemony Snicket's A series of unfortunate events    [2005], c2004.
Letters from Iwo Jima    [2007]
Life as a house    [2002], c2001.
Life as we know it    [2011]
Life according to Muriel    p2000.
The life and times of Allen Ginsberg    [2006]
Life in a day    c2011.
Life is beautiful   = La vita è bella  [1999], c1997.
Limbo    c1999.
The Limey    1999
The line king   : the Al Hirschfeld story  [2004]
The lion king    2003
Little fugitive    c1999.
Little Miss Sunshine    c2006.
Little Miss Sunshine    c2006.
Little Otik   = Otesánek  [2002]
Little voice    1998
Living in oblivion    c2003
Local hero    1991
Lock, stock and two smoking barrels    1999, p1998.
Lolita    c1999.
Lone star    c1999.
The lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring    [2002]
The lord of the rings, the two towers    [2003], c2002.
Lord of the rings. Return of the king    [2004]
The Loss of sexual innocence    c1999.
Lost in space    c1998.
Lost in translation    c2003.
Lovely and amazing    [2002], c2001.
Labyrinth of darkness    c2006.
The lady from Shanghai    c2000.
Lady in the water    c2006.
Lagaan   = Lag{0101}na : once upon a time in India  c2001.
Lage raho munna bhai    2006
The lake house    c2006.
Lars and the real girl    c2008.
Lawrence of Arabia    2008
Legacy    2010
Let me in    c2011.
Let the right one in    = Låt den rätte komma in.  [2009]
Letters in the wind   = Namehay bad  [2005]
Letters to Juliet    c2010.
The libertine    2006
Like stars on Earth   : every child is special = Taare zameen par  [2009]
The Lincoln lawyer    [2011]
The lion king    [2011]
Listen    c2003.
Listen    c2003.
Little fish    [2006]
Little Fockers    2011
The lives of others    = Das Leben der Anderen  2007, c2006.
Looper    [c2012]
The Lorax    c2012.
Lord of the flies    c2001.
Lord of war    [2006]
Lost and delirious  . c2001.
Love and other drugs    c2011.
Love is not enough =    1979
Lovecraft   : fear of the unknown  2008, c2009.
The lovely bones    c2010.
Lovers of the Arctic Circle    = Los amantes del Círculo Polar  2006
The lucky one    c2012.
M    19,311,998.00
Ma vie en rose   = My life in pink  1999
Ma vie en rose   = My life in pink  1999
Macbeth    c2002.
The Magdalene sisters    2004
Malcolm X    2000
Man on the moon    c1999.
The man who wasn't there    [2002], c2001.
The Man who knew too much   c1998.
The Manchurian candidate    c1998.
Manhattan    2000
Maria full of grace    [2004]
The mask    1997, c1995.
The mask of Zorro    c1998.
Matchstick men    [2004], c2003.
The Matrix   
The Matrix   
Matrix reloaded    c2003.
The matrix revolutions    [2004], c2003.
Maya Lin   : a strong clear vision  [2003], c1994.
Me and you and everyone we know    c2005.
Mean girls    c2004.
Meet Joe Black    [1999]
Meet the Fockers    c2005.
Meet the parents    [2001], c2000.
Memento    [2001]
Men in black    [2002]
Men with guns   = Los hombres armados  c2003.
Midnight cowboy    c1997.
Mildred Pierce    c2003.
Million dollar baby    2005, c2004.
Mission to Mars  . Touchstone Pictures. c2000.
Monsoon wedding    c2002.
Monsoon wedding    c2002.
Monster    [2004], c2003.
The monster   = Il Mostro  c1999.
Monsters, Inc.    [2002]
Monsters, Inc.    [2002]
Moolaadé    2005
More treasures from American film archives, 1894-1931 : 50 films  2004
More treasures from American film archives, 1894-1931 : 50 films  2004
More treasures from American film archives, 1894-1931 : 50 films  2004
More treasures from American film archives, 1894-1931 : 50 films  2004
Morvern Callar    2003
The motorcycle diaries   = Diarios de motocicleta  [2005]
Moulin Rouge    c2002.
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge    1990
Mr. Death   : the rise and fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.  [2000], c1999.
Mulholland Dr.    [2002], c2001.
The mummy returns    c2001.
Murder on a Sunday morning    2003
My best fiend   = Mein liebster Feind  c2000.
My big fat Greek wedding    [2003], c2002.
My first mister    [2002], c2000.
My life without me    2004
Machuca    [2007?]
Madagascar : escape 2 Africa    [2009]
Madagascar 3 : Europe's most wanted  [2012], ©2012.
Madame Bovary    [2007]
Madame Bovary    c1991, 2002.
Made of honor    c2008.
Madea goes to jail    c2009.
Madea's class reunion   : the class with no class  [2005]
Madea's witness protection    c2012.
Mademoiselle Chambon    2010
Magic Mike    2012
Malcolm X    [2005]
Mamma mia!    [2008]
The man in the iron mask    [2005]
Man of la mancha    [2004]
Man of the year    2007, c2006.
Man on fire    c2004.
Man on wire    [2008]
Mansfield Park    [2000]
Mansfield Park    2008
Mar adentro    2005
March of the penguins    c2005.
Marie Antoinette    [2007]
Marlene Dietrich   : the glamour collection. [2006]
Marley & me    [2009]
The marriage counselor    c2008.
Mary, Queen of Scots    [2007]
Me & Mrs. Jones    [2004]
Megamind    [2011]
The men who stare at goats    c2010.
The merchant of Venice    c2005.
The messenger   : the story of Joan of Arc  c1999.
Metropolis    2010
Midnight in Paris    c2011.
A Midsummer night's dream    c1999.
Milk    [2009]
Millions    [2005]
Les misérables in concert   : the 25th anniversary, live, the O{2082} : the legendary musical  [2011]
La misma luna   = Under the same moon  c2008.
Miss Pettigrew lives for a day    c2008.
Miss Potter    2007
Mission impossible 2   = M:i-2  c2000.
Mission: impossible. Ghost protocol    [2012]
Modern times    [2010]
Mona Lisa smile    [2004], c2003.
Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran    [2004]
Monsieur Lazhar    c2012.
Monsieur Verdoux   : a comedy of murders  2003
Monty Python and the Holy Grail    c2001.
Monty Python's Life of Brian    [2007]
Monty Python's the meaning of life    c2005.
Moon    c2009.
Moonrise kingdom    c2012.
Morning glory    [2011]
Mr. & Mrs. Smith    c2005.
Mrs. Brown    [1999?]
Mrs. Henderson presents    2006
Much ado about nothing    p2003.
Mulan    [2004]
Mulan    [2004]
The mummy. Tomb of the Dragon Emperor    c2008.
Munich    [2006]
Munna bhai M.B.B.S.    c2004.
The Muppets    2012
Murderball    2005
My date with Drew    [2006]
My name is Khan    c2010.
My neighbor Totoro    2006
My week with Marilyn    [2012]
A mighty wind    c2003.
The naked kiss    1998, c1964.
The name of the rose    2004, c1986.
Napoleon Dynamite    c2004.
Naqoyqatsi    c2002.
Nashville    c2000.
National treasure    [2005]
New Waterford girl    [2002], c1999.
Next    c2007.
Nico icon    1997
The Night of the hunter    c1991.
Night of the living dead  . c1997.
Nights of Cabiria   = Notti di Cabiria  c1999.
Nine queens   = Nueve reinas  c2002.
No direction home   : Bob Dylan  [2005]
Normal    c2003.
North country    [2006]
Nosferatu    c1997.
Not one less    c1999.
Notorious    2008
Now, voyager    c1999.
Nueba yol 1 & 3  . 2006
Nurse Betty    c2000.
The namesake    c2007.
National treasure. Book of secrets    [2008]
Natural born killers    1999
Never let me go    [2011]
New moon    [2010]
Night at the museum    [2007]
Night at the Museum. Battle of the Smithsonian    c2009.
Night on earth    [2007]
Night watch    c2006.
The Nightingale's prayer   = Da {1E83}{0101} al karaw{0101}n  2002
Nim's Island    c2008.
No country for old men    [2008]
No strings attached    2011
Nora's will [DVD videorecording]  [2011?]
Northanger Abbey    c2008.
Nosferatu   : the vampyre  c1999.
The notebook    c2005.
The notebook    c2005.
O    [2002], c2001.
O    [2002], c2001.
O brother, where art thou?    [2001], c2000.
Ocean's eleven    [2002], c2001.
Off the map    [2005].
Oldboy    [2005]
On the ropes    2000, c1999.
On the waterfront    c2001.
Once upon a time in Mexico    [2004], c2003.
One flew over the cuckoo's nest    1997, c1975.
Opening night    1998
Othello    2000
Our times    = R{016B}zig{0101}ri m{0101} --  [2005]
Out of sight    c1998.
Outland    c1997, 1981.
Outskirts   = Okraina  [2004], c1998.
Overnight    2005
Ocean's twelve    [2005]
Office space    [2005]
Oliver Twist    c2005.
Once were warriors    c2002.
One day    [2011]
The Open door    =al-B{0101}b al-maft{016B}{1E25}   [2004?]
Open your eyes   = Abre los ojos  c2001.
Ordinary people    c2001.
Orlando (DVD)
The other Boleyn girl    [2008]
Out of time    [2004], c2003.
Outfoxed   : Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism  [2004]
Palmetto  . c1998.
Pan's Labyrinth = El laberinto del fauno    [2007]
Paris, je t'aime    [2007]
Passion fish    c1998.
The passion of the Christ    c2004.
The patriot    [2000]
Pay it forward    c2000.
Pecker    1998
The perfect storm    c2000.
The Phantom of the Opera    [2005].
[Pi]    [2001]
The pianist    c2002.
The piano    c1998.
Picnic at Hanging Rock    c1998.
The Pillow book    c1998.
Planes, trains, and automobiles    c1974.
The player    1997
Pleasantville    [1999].
The pledge    [2001], c2000.
Pollock    [2001], c2000.
Ponette    c1998.
Possession    [2003], c2002.
The Postman   = Il Postino  1995
Powaqqatsi   = Life in transformation  p2002.
A prairie home companion    c2006.
Princess Mononoke    [2000]
Project A    1987
Psycho    c1998.
Psycho    c1998.
Pulp fiction    [1998?].
Pulp fiction    [1998?].
Paranormal activity    [2009]
ParaNorman    2012
Pariah    [2012]
Parineeta    2005
Paul Blart   : mall cop  c2009.
Peaceful warrior    [2007], c2006.
Persepolis    [2008]
Persuasion    c1999.
Phat girlz    c2006.
Pickman's muse    c2009.
Pirates of the Caribbean   : the curse of the Black Pearl  c2003.
Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead man's chest    c2006.
Pirates of the Caribbean. At world's end    c2007.
Pitch perfect    c2012.
Poseidon    c2006.
Pray the devil back to Hell    2009
Precious (based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire)    [2010]
Pride and prejudice    [2001]
Pride & prejudice    [2006]
Prince of Persia, the sands of time    [2010]
The princess and the frog    [2010].
The princess and the frog    [2010].
The Princess and the warrior   = Der Krieger und die Kaiserin  [2002], c2000.
The princess bride    [2007]
Proof    [2006]
A prophet    = Un prophète  c2010.
The proposal    c2009.
Public enemies    c2009.
The pursuit of happyness    2007
The Queen    c2005, [2007]
The quiet American    [2003], c2001.
Quantum of solace    c2009.
Quinceañera    c2006.
Rabbit-proof fence    [2003], c2002.
Rabbit-proof fence    [2003], c2002.
Radical harmonies    c2002.
Raging bull    1997
Raid on Entebbe    1990]
A raisin in the sun    c1999]
Raising Victor Vargas    [2003], c2002.
Ran    1998, 1985.
Ratcatcher    p2002.
Real women have curves    [2003], c2002.
Rear window    2001
Rebel without a cause    c2005.
Red   = Troi colours, rouge  [2003]
Red corner    c1998.
Reindeer games    c2000.
Rent    [2006]
Rent    [2006]
Requiem for a dream    [2001].
Return to Oz    2004
Richard III    c2000.
River of grass    1995
The road home    [2001], c2000.
Rollerball    1998, 1975.
Romance    1999
The rookie    [2002]
Roots    [2007], c1977.
Roots    [2007], c1977.
Rumble fish    c1998.
Run Lola run    1999
Running out of time   = Días contados/ c2000.
Rushmore    [1998].
Russian dolls    = Les poupées russes  c2006.
Rabbit hole    2011
Rachel getting married    c2009.
Radio    c2003.
Rango    c2011.
Ratatouille    c2007.
The reader    [2009]
The reader    [2009]
[REC]    [2009]
Red    [2011]
Red Riding Hood    [2011]
Redemption    [2004], c2003.
Religulous    c2009
Remember me    [2010]
Resident evil    [2004]
Restrepo   : [one platoon, one valley, one year]  c2010.
Revolutionary road    [2009]
Rio    c2011.
Rob Roy    1997
Robin Hood    [2010]
Robots    2005
Roja   = Roj{0101}  [2004].
Romeo and Juliet    c2003.
Romero    c2002.
The roommate    c2011.
Rosemary's baby    c2000.
The royal wedding   : William & Catherine  2011
The Runaways    c2010.
Running scared    2006
Saving Private Ryan    c1999.
Scary movie    c2000.
Scary movie    c2000.
Scary movie 4    2006
Scream    [1997?]
The secret of Roan Inish    2000
Separate lies    [2006]
Seven brides for seven brothers    c1954.
Seven samurai    2006
Shadow of the vampire    c2000.
Shakespeare in love    1998
Shakespeare in love    1998
Shattered Glass    [2004], c2003.
Shaun of the dead    c2004.
She hate me    [2005]
Short cinema journal. v. 1. Invention [videorecording  c1997.
Short cinema journal. v. 2. Dreams    c1997.
Short cinema journal. v. 3. Authority    c1998.
Short cinema journal. v. 4. Seduction    c1999.
Short cinema journal. v. 5. Diversity    c1999.
Short cinema journal. v. 6. Insanity    c1999.
Short cinema journal. v. 7. Utopia     c2000.
Short cinema journal. v. 8. Vision     c2000.
Short cinema journal. v. 9. Trust     c2000.
Short cinema journal. v. 10. Chaos     2000
Short cinema journal. v. 11. Ecstasy    2001
Shorts! Vol. one   : 15 award-winning film festival shorts  c2003.
A shot in the dark    c1999.
Shrek    c2001.
Sid and Nancy (videorecordin)  1986
The silence of the lambs    c1998, 1990.
A simple plan    c1999.
Sin City    [2005]
Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow    [2005]
Slam    1998
Smoke signals   [1999].
Snow White and the seven dwarfs    [2001]
Solas   = Alone  [2003], c1999.
Some like it hot    c1959.
The song remains the same    c1999.
Soul plane    c2004.
The Spanish prisoner    c1998.
Spellbound    [2004], c2002.
Spider-Man    c2002.
The SpongeBob SquarePants movie    [2005]
Stalingrad    1993, 1998.    c2001.
State and Main    [2001], c2000.
The Stepford wives    c2004.
The sticky fingers of time  . c2001.
Stolen honor   : Wounds that never heal. c2004.
Stolen kisses    1968, 1999.
Stop making sense    c1984.
The Straight story    [1999?]
Stranger than paradise    c2000.
Strangers on a train    c1997.
Straw dogs    c1998.
Strictly ballroom    [2002?]
Summer of Sam    [1999]
Super 8    [2011]
Super size me    c2004.
Sweet and lowdown    2000
The Sweet hereafter    c1998.
Swept away (by an unusual destiny in the Blue Sea of August)    =Traviolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto  c1997.
Swimming to Cambodia    c2002.
Swordfish    c2001.
Sahara    c2005.
Salmon fishing in The Yemen    2012
Salt    c2010.
Salt of the earth    c1999.
Salvador    c2001.
Samurai X. Trust    [2000]
Savages    [2008]
Saving face    [2005]
Saving face    [2005]
Schindler's list    [2004]
Scream 2    [1998], 1997.
Seabiscuit    c2003.
Season of the witch    2011
The secret    c2006.
The secret of Kells    [2010]
Secretariat    [2011]
Secretary    [2003], c2001.
A separation   =  Jodái-e Náder az Simin  [2012]
Serenity    c2005.
A serious man   [2010].
Sex and the city    c2008.
Sex and the city 2    c2010.
Sherlock Holmes    [2010]
She's gotta have it    [2008]
Shooter    c2007.
The short films of David Lynch  . c2005.
Shower    = Xi zao  [2000]
Shrek 2    c2004.
Shrek the third    c2007.
Shutter Island    2010
Sicko    c2007.
Sideways    [2005].
The Simpsons movie    c2007.
The sisterhood of the traveling pants 2    [2008]
The sixth sense    [2000]
The slanted screen    [2006]
Sleepy Hollow    2000
Slow burn    2007
Slumdog millionaire    [2009]
Small Change   = L'Argent de poche. 2001
Smart people    c2008.
Snow White and the huntsman    [2012]
The social network    [2011]
Solaris     = Soli{FE20}a{FE21}ris   [2002]
Solaris    [2003]
Something borrowed    c2011.
The sorcerer's apprentice    [2010]
Soul food    c2000.
Soul surfer    c2011.
The source    c2000.
Source code    [2011]
Sparkle    [2012]
Spider-man 2    c2004.
Spider-Man 3    c2007.
The Spirit of the beehive     = El espíritu de la colmena   c2006.
Spring, summer, fall, winter-- and spring    [2004], c2003.
The squid and the whale    [2006]
Star trek    c2009.
Star wars. Episode I, The phantom menace    c2001.
Star wars. Episode II, Attack of the clones    2002
Star wars. Episode III, Revenge of the Sith    c2005.
Star wars. Episode IV, A new hope    [2006]
Star wars. Episode V, Empire strikes back    [2006]
Star wars. Episode VI, Return of the Jedi    [2006]
Stargate    [2003]
The station agent    [200-?]
Stomp the yard    c2007.
The stoning of Soraya M.    [2010].
The story of the weeping camel    c2005.
Storytelling    [2002], c2001.
Stranger than fiction    [2007]
A streetcar named Desire    c2006.
Sucker punch    [2011]
The sum of all fears    c2002.
Superbad    c2007.
Surrogates    [2010]
Sweeney Todd   : the demon barber of Fleet street  [2008]
Sweeney Todd   : the demon barber of Fleet street  [2008]
Sweetie    [2006]
Syriana    2006
Syriana    2006
Shrek forever after   : the final chapter  [2010]
Shrek the halls    c2008.
The ten commandments    2011
Talk to her   = Hable con ella  c2003.
Tango    [1999].
Tape    [2002], c2001.
Taxi driver    c1999.
The terminal    c2004.
The third man    c1999.
This is Spinal Tap    c2000, 1984.
The Thomas Crown affair    c1968.
To be and to have   = Être et avoir  [2004].
Tootsie    [2001]
Topsy-Turvy  c1999.
Total eclipse    1999, c1995.
The tracker    2002
Traffic    [2001], c2000.
Trainspotting    [2004]
Trainspotting    [2004]
Troy    [2005]
Troy    [2005]
The turning point    2004, c1977.
Take the lead    c2006.
Taken    c2009.
Tangled    2011
Taste of cherry    = Ta{02B9}m e guilass  1999
Tell no one    = Ne le dis à personne  c2009.
Temple Grandin    c2010.
Tess    c2004.
Tess of the d'Urbervilles    [2009]
Thank you for smoking    c2006.
Thelma & Louise    1997, 1991.
There will be blood    [2008]
The thin blue line    [2005]
Think like a man    [2012]
Thirteen    [2004], c2003.
Thirteen    [2004], c2003.
This film is not yet rated    [2007]
This is it    [2010]
Thor    c2011.
A thousand words    c2012.
The three stooges   : the movie  2012
Three kings    c2000.
Three times   = Zui hao de shi guang  [2006]
Tigerland    c2001.
Tinker tailor soldier spy    [2012]
Tiny furniture    [2012]
Titus    [2000]
Tom Jones    [2004]
Tombstone    1993
Too big to fail    c2012.
Touch of evil    c2000.
The tourist    2011
Toy story 3    2010
Toys    2001
Transformers, dark of the moon    2011
Transsiberian    [2008]
The tree of life    2011
Tristram Shandy   : a cock and bull story  [2006], c2005.
Tron    c2011.
Tron   : legacy  [2011]
True grit    c2011.
Twelve    c2010.
Twilight    [2009]
U turn    1998, c1997.
The Unbearable lightness of being    c1999.
The Unbelievable truth    1989, 2001.
Unforgivable blackness   : the rise and fall of Jack Johnson  c2005.
The upside of anger    c2005.
U-571    c2000.
UltraViolet    c2006.
The umbrellas of Cherbourg    = Les parapluies de Cherbourg  c2004.
Unbreakable    [2001]
Under the sand   = Sous le sable  [2001], c2000.
Unforgiven    [2007]
Up    c2009.
Up in the air    [2010]
The vagina monologues    c2002.
Vampire hunter D    c2000.
Velvet goldmine    [1998].
Vera Drake    [2005]
Veronica Guerin    [2004], c2003.
Vertigo    1998
A very long engagement    = Un long dimanche de fiançailles  [2005].
A very long engagement    = Un long dimanche de fiançailles  [2005].
The village    [2005]
Visions of light :    The art of cinematography  2000
Visit to the sepulchre   = Visitatio sepulchri  c1979.
V for Vendetta    c2006.
Valkyrie    [2009]
Vampire princess Miyu   
Vampire princess Miyu   
Vampire princess Miyu   
Vampire princess Miyu   
Vampire princess Miyu   
Vampire princess. The last shinma    [2002]
Vanaja    2006
Vernon, Florida    [2005]
Vicky Cristina Barcelona    [2008]
La vie en rose    [2007]
The visitor    c2008.
Volver   = Return  [2007]
Voyage in time    = Tempo di viaggio  [2004]
We bought a zoo    [2012]
Wag the dog    [1998]
Waiting list = Lista de espera   = Waiting list  [2004]
Waking life    [2002], c2001.
Waking Ned Devine    c1998, 1999.
Warm water under a red bridge   = Akai hashi no shita no nerui mizu  c2003.
Water    [2006]
Welcome to the dollhouse    1999
Whale rider    [2003], c2002.
Whale rider    [2003], c2002.
What the bleep do we know!?    [2005]
What time is it there?   = Ni na bian ji dian  [2002], c2001.
White    = Trois couleurs, blanc  [2003]
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?    [1996]
Wild things    c1998.
Winged migration    c2003.
Witness    [2005].
The Wiz    c1978.
The Wiz    c1978.
The Wizard of Oz    c1997,1939.
Wizard of Oz    [2005].
Wonder Boys   2000
The woodsman    [2005].
Woodstock   : 3 days of peace & music  c1997.
Wordplay    2006
Woyzeck    2000
W.    c2008.
Waiting for "Superman"    2011
Waitress    c2007.
Walk the line    [2006]
WALL-E    c2008.
Wall Street    2000
Wallace and Gromit. The curse of the were-rabbit    [2006]
Wallace and Gromit :   The first three adventures  c1999.
Walmart   : the high cost of low price  [2005]
Wanted    c2008.
War dance    [2008]
War horse    2012
Waste land    c2011.
Watchmen    c2009.
Water for elephants    c2011.
Wedding crashers    [2006]
The Wedding night      =Laylat al-dukhlah  [2004]
Welcome to the Rileys    2011
When Harry met Sally--    [2007]
Where do we go now?    2012
Where the wild things are    c2010.
Whip it    c2009.
Why did I get married too?    [2010]
The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill    c2005.
Wilde    [2002]
The wildest dream    [2011]
William S. Burroughs   : commissioner of sewers  c2003.
Win win    [2011]
Wings of desire    c2009.
Winter's bone    ©2010
A woman of Paris    ; A king in New York  c2003.
The women    [2008]
Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown    c2009.
World Trade Center    c2006.
The wrestler    [2009]
Wuthering Heights    c2008.
Wuthering Heights    [2009]
Wall Street   : money never sleeps  c2010.
The X-files :   : fight the future  [1999], c1998.
X-men   : first class  [2011]
XXX    c2002.
Y tu mamá también    c2002.
The year of living dangerously    1997, 1982.
The Yes Men    [2005]
Yogi Bear    [2011]
Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Goldberg    [2010]
The young Victoria    [2010].
Zero effect    c1998.
Zoot suit    c2003.
Zenith    2010
Zombieland    [2010]