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Grafton Library: New Titles January 2013


Jablonski, Nina G. Living color : the biological and social meaning of skin color. GN197 .J34 2012
Wasson, Christina Applying anthropology in the global village. GN397.5 .A674 2012
Ades, Dawn, editor. Surrealism in Latin America : vivísimo muerto. NX501.5 .S86 2012
Bomford, David. Rembrandt. ND653.R4 A4 2006
Bomford, David. Underdrawings in Renaissance paintings. ND1635 .U54 2002
Dunkerton, Jill. Dürer to Veronese : sixteenth-century painting in the National Gallery. ND170 .D86 2000
Feller, Robert L. Artists' pigments :  a handbook of their history and characteristics  volume 4. ND1510 .A77 2007 v. 4
Feller, Robert L. Artists pigments : a handbook of their history and characteristics. Volume 1. ND1510 .A77 1986 v. 1
Giorgione. The National Gallery technical bulletin Volume 31. N7430 .R69 2010
Henry, Tom. The life and art of Luca Signorelli. ND623.S5 H46 2012
Landau, Ellen G. Jackson Pollock. ND237.P73 L36 2010
Le Corbusier. Toward an architecture. NA2520 .J413 2007
Leddy, Annette. Farewell to surrealism : the Dyn circle in Mexico. NX456 .L377 2012
Mayer, Ralph. The artist's handbook of materials and techniques. ND1500 .M3 1991
Naifeh, Steven W. Jackson Pollock : an American saga. ND237.P73 N34 1989
Richter, Gerhard. Gerhard Richter : early work, 1951-1972. N6888.R49 G47 2010
Amenábar, Alejandro. Agora . AV AA1997 .A3675 2009
Bemberg, Maria Luisa. I, the worst of all  . = Yo, la peor de todas. AV AA1997 .I1841 1990
Bernardi, Claudia. Permeable borders :  2012 lecture. AV LD7251.S79 P47 2012
Butler, Chris. ParaNorman . AV AA1997.P3734 N67 2012
Cannon, Kay. Pitch perfect . AV AA1997 .P5358 2012
Carracedo, Almudena. Made in L.A. . = Hecho en Los Angeles. AV HD2339.U6 M33 2007
Chase, Debra Martin. Sparkle . AV AA1997 .S6375 2012
Coyote, Peter. The dust bowl . AV F595 .D87 2012
Daldry, Stephen. The reader . AV AA1997 .R4134 2008
Dowling, Susan. The Art:21 collection. Seasons 1-6 . : art in the twenty-first century. AV N6497 .A78 2012
Fields, Freddie. Glory . AV AA1997 .G6239 1989
Fortis, Cherie. Fires in the mirror . : Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and other identities. AV AA1997 .F5758 1993
Galisky, Anne Frances. Papers . : stories of undocumented youth. AV KFA2814 .P36 2010
Gilroy, Tony . The Bourne legacy . AV AA1997.B688 L4 2012
Goldsmith-Thomas, Elaine. Mona Lisa smile . AV AA1997 .M6515 2003
Greenfield, Lauren. The queen of Versailles . AV HC102.5.A2 Q44 2012
Griffith, D. W. The birth of a nation . : D.W. Griffith's American epic. AV AA1997 .B5265 1915
Gruner, Marion. The autism enigma . AV RC553.A88 A98 2012
MacCulloch, Diarmaid. Diarmaid MacCulloch's a history of Christianity . AV BR145.3 .H56 2010
Merrow, John. Declining by degrees . : higher education at risk. AV LA227.4 .D455 2005
Palos, Ari Luis. Precious knowledge . AV GN307.85.U6 P73 2011
PBS Distribution. The first ladies .. AV E176.2 .F57 2012
Simone, Renata. Endgame . : AIDS in black America. AV RA643.83 .E53 2012
Thomas, Emma. The dark knight rises . AV AA1997.D3755 R5 2012
Townsley, Graham. Becoming human . AV GN281 .B43 2010
Weimberg, Gary. Soldiers of conscience . AV U22 .S65 2009
Witt, Paul Junger. A better life . AV AA1997 .B4884 2011
Zeitlin, Benh. Beasts of the southern wild . AV AA1997 .B4125 2012
Brown, Tom J. MR (marketing research). HF5415.2 .B76 2012
Graeber, David. Debt : the first 5,000 years. HG3701 .G73 2011
Johnson, Clay A. The information diet : a case for conscious consumption. HD30.2 .J59 2012
Lamb, Charles W. MKTG6. HF5415 .L35 2013
Overtveldt, Johan van. The end of the euro : the uneasy future of the European Union. HG925 .M854 2011
Rothkopf, David J. Power, Inc. : the epic rivalry between big business and government--and the reckoning that lies ahead. HD2350.8 .R68 2012
Stoute, Steve. The tanning of America : how hip-hop created a culture that rewrote the rules of the new economy. HF5415.1 .S76 2011
Wilber, Tom. Under the surface : fracking, fortunes and the fate of the Marcellus Shale. HD9581.2.S53 W55 2012
Dace, Karen L. Unlikely allies in the academy : women of color and white women in conversation. LC1568 .U55 2012
McKeachie, Wilbert James. Mckeachie's teaching tips :  Strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers. LB2331 .M394 2013
Bolin, Kristian. The economics of medical technology. edited by Kristian Bolin, Robert Kaestner RA410.A1 R48 2012
NBER. NBER Working papers : Health and Healthcare. HB1 .N37 
Slack, Paul. The impact of plague in Tudor and Stuart England. RA644.P7 S65 1985
Abbott, Elizabeth. Haiti : a shattered nation. F1928 .A583 2011
Bendersky, Joseph W. A concise history of Nazi Germany. DD240 .B348 2007
Bingham, Marjorie Wall. An age of empires, 1200-1750. D202 .B46 2005
Birmingham, Lucy. Strong in the rain : surviving Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster. DS894.385 .B57 2012
Carpenter, Juliet Winters. Seeing Kyoto. DS897.K84 S33 2005
Des Forges, Roger V. The Asian world, 600-1500. DS33.5 .D47 2005
Dubois, Laurent. Haiti : The aftershocks of history. F1921 .D83 2013
Edwards, John. Mary I : England's Catholic queen. DA347 .E39 2011
Egloff, Keith. First people : the early Indians of Virginia. E78.V7 E37 2006
Evans, Martin. Algeria : France's undeclared war. DT295 .E92 2012
Fenby, Jonathan. The general : Charles de Gaulle and the France he saved. DC420 .F46 2012
Ghosh, Amitav. In an antique land. DT56.2 .G48 1994
Grayzel, Susan R. The First World War : a brief history with documents. D505 .G648 2013
Hanawalt, Barbara. The European world, 400-1450. D117 .H25 2005
Hershberg, James G. Marigold : the lost chance for peace in Vietnam. DS559.7 .H48 2012
Hicks, Dan. The Cambridge companion to historical archaeology. CC77.H5 C36 2006
House, Karen Elliott. On Saudi Arabia : its people, past, religion, contradictions, and future. DS215 .H68 2012
Huff, Toby E. An age of science and revolutions, 1600-1800. D246 .H83 2005
Keating, Neal B. Iroquois art, power, and history. E99.I7 K33 2012
Kochanski, Halik. The eagle unbowed : Poland and the Poles in the Second World War. D765 .K5755 2012
Lemos, Gerard. The end of the Chinese dream : why Chinese people fear the future. DS796.C5925 L46 2012
Lesch, David W. Syria : the fall of the house of Assad. DS98.6 .L475 2012
Lewandowski, Elizabeth J. The complete costume dictionary. GT507 .L49 2011
Lieven, Anatol. Pakistan : a hard country. DS389 .L54 2011
Margolick, David. Elizabeth and Hazel : two women of Little Rock. F419.L7 M37 2011
McIntosh, Jeri L. From heads of household to heads of state : the preaccession households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558. DA347 .M356 2009
Nathans, Sydney. To free a family : the journey of Mary Walker. E450.W322 N37 2012
Pohl, John M. D. The Aztec pantheon and the art of empire. F1219.76.R45 P64 2010
Poliandri, Simone. First nations, identity, and reserve life : the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia. E99.M6 P65 2011
Pouwels, Randall Lee. African and Middle Eastern world, 600-1500. DS36.85 .P68 2005
Roll, David L. The Hopkins touch : Harry Hopkins and the forging of the alliance to defeat Hitler. D753 .R64 2013
Romero, Rolando. Feminism, nation and myth : La Malinche. F1230.M373 F46 2005
Sharpe, J. A. Early modern England : a social history, 1550-1760. DA300 .S5 1997
Smith, Bonnie G. The medieval and early modern world : primary sources and reference volume. D101.2 .M34 2005
Stanton, Lucia C. Those who labor for my happiness : slavery at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. E332.2 .S74 2012
Tremlett, Giles. Catherine of Aragon : the Spanish queen of Henry VIII. DA333.A6 T74 2010
Wiesner, Merry E. An age of voyages, 1350-1600. D202.8 .W45 2005
Bartels, Emily Carroll. Speaking of the Moor : from Alcazar to Othello. PR658.A4 B37 2008
Bueno, Eva Paulino. The woman in Latin American and Spanish literature : essays on iconic characters. PQ7081.43 .W66 2012
Calvo Revilla, Ana María . Las fronteras del microrrelato : teoría y crítica del microrrelato español e hispanoamericano. PQ6147.S5 F76 2012
Chancy, Myriam J. A. From sugar to revolution : women's visions of Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. PN849.C3 C495 2012
Conteh-Morgan, John. New Francophone African and Caribbean theatres. PQ3983 .C63 2010
D'Agata, John. The lifespan of a fact. PN145 .D25 2012
Davis, Eisa. Bulrusher. The Methuen drama book of post-black plays. PS628.N4 M48 2012
Elam, Harry Justin. African-American performance and theater history : a critical reader. PN2270.A35 A46 2001
Elam, Harry Justin. The fire this time : African-American plays for the 21st century. PS628.N4 F57 2004
Fiedler, Leslie A. The stranger in Shakespeare. PR2989 .F54 1974
Gottschalk, Katherine K. The elements of teaching writing : a resource for instructors in all disciplines. PE1404 .G648 2004
Hacker, Diana. Rules for writers. PE1408 .H277 2012
Harzewski, Stephanie. Chick lit and postfeminism. PS374.W6 H379 2011
Hatch, James Vernon. Black theatre USA : plays by African Americans : volume 1  the early period, 1847-1938. PS628.N4 B56 1996 v. 1
Hatch, James Vernon. Black theatre USA : plays by African Americans. [Volume 2], The recent period, 1935-today. PS628.N4 B56 1996 v. 2
Jannarone, Kimberly. Artaud and his doubles. PQ2601.R677 Z685 2010
Kemp, Simon. French fiction into the twenty-first century : the return to the story. PQ671 .K46 2010
Pullman, Philip. Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm : a new English version. PZ8.G882 F357 2012
Rascón Banda, Víctor Hugo. La malinche. PQ7298.28.A448 M35 2000
Reeck, Laura. Writerly identities in Beur fiction and beyond. PQ3988.5.N6 R43 2011
Svich, Caridad. Prodigal kiss and Perdita Gracia : two plays. PS3569.V53 P76 2009
Svich, Caridad. Twelve Ophelias : a play with broken songs. PS3569.V53 T8 2008
Woods, Susanne. Teaching Tudor and Stuart women writers. PR113 .T43 2000
Massey, William S. Algebraic topology, an introduction. QA612 .M37 1977
Bar-Zohar, Michael. Mossad : the greatest missions of the Israeli Secret Service. UB251.I78 B375 2012
Eck, Diana L. India : a sacred geography. BL2001.3 .E25 2012
Kolig, Erich. Conservative Islam : a cultural anthropology. BP166.14.F85 K65 2012
MacCulloch, Diarmaid. The Reformation. BR305.3 .M23 2004
Pettegree, Andrew. The Reformation world. BR305.3 .R44 2002
Pounds, Norman John Greville. A history of the English parish : the culture of religion from Augustine to Victoria. BR744 .P58 2000
Turner, John G. Brigham Young, pioneer prophet. BX8695.Y7 T87 2012
Jablonski, Nina G. Skin : a natural history. QP88.5 .J33 2006
Ninfa, Alexander J. Fundamental laboratory approaches for biochemistry and biotechnology. QP519 .N55 2010
Souder, William. On a farther shore : the life and legacy of Rachel Carson. QH31.C33 S68 2012
Abrams, Lynn. The making of modern woman : Europe 1789-1918. HQ1587 .A27 2002
Beier, A. L. The problem of the poor in Tudor and early Stuart England. HV249.E89 B44 1983
Fuchs, Rachel Ginnis. Women in nineteenth-century Europe. HQ1587 .F83 2005
Gouge, William. Of domestical duties. HQ621 .G68 2006
Greenberg, Andy. This machine kills secrets : how WikiLeakers, cypherpunks, and hacktivists aim to free the world's information. HV6773 .G74 2012
Hufton, Olwen H. The prospect before her : a history of women in Western Europe 1500-1800. HQ1587 .H84 1996
Kaplan, Alice Yaeger. Dreaming in French : the Paris years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis. HQ1412 .K37 2012
Lee, Martin A. Smoke signals : a social history of marijuana : medical, recreational, and scientific. HV5822.M3 L34 2012
Montgomery, Fiona. The European women's history reader. HQ1587 .E983 2001
Morgan, Sue. The feminist history reader. HQ1121 .F437 2006
Mundy, Liza. The richer sex : how the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming sex, love, and family. HQ1426 .M89 2012
Slack, Paul. From reformation to improvement : public welfare in early modern England. HV249.E89 S55 1999
Solomon, Andrew. Far from the tree : parents, children and the search for identity. HV888.5 .S65 2012