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Grafton Library: New Titles October 2012


Aparicio, Frances R. Tropicalizations : transcultural representations of latinidad. GN564.L29 T76 1997
Flannery, Kent V. The creation of inequality : how our prehistoric ancestors set the stage for monarchy, slavery, and empire. GN740 .F54 2012
Hann, C. M. Economic anthropology : history, ethnography, critique. GN448 .H366 2011
Kleinman, Arthur. Deep China : the moral life of the person : what anthropology and psychiatry tell us about China today. GN296.5.C6 D44 2011
Baumgartner, Jennifer J. You are what you wear : what your clothes reveal about you. TT507 .B385 2012
Bass, Jennifer. Saul Bass : a life in film & design. NC999.4.B377 A4 2011
Colbert, Charles. Haunted visions : spiritualism and American art. N6510 .C65 2011
Day, Jonathan. Robert Frank's The Americans : the art of documentary photography. TR140.F828 D39 2011
Fried, Michael. Four honest outlaws : Sala, Ray, Marioni, Gordon. N6490.4 .F75 2011
Hudson, Karen E. Paul R. Williams : classic Hollywood style. NA737.W527 H847 2012
Kahng, Eik. Picasso and Braque : the Cubist experiment, 1910-1912. N6853.P5 A4 2011
Klein, Mason. The radical camera : New York's Photo League, 1936-1951. TR645.N532 J394 2011
Korza, Pam. Civic dialogue, arts & culture : findings from Animating Democracy. NX230 .K67 2005
Mayor, A. Hyatt . Hokusai. NE1325.K3 M3x 1985
McPhee, Sarah. Bernini's beloved : a portrait of Costanza Piccolomini. NB623.B5 A66 2012
National Gallery (Great Britain). Giotto to Dürer : early Renaissance painting in the National Gallery. ND144 .N38 1991
Pells, Richard H. Modernist America : art, music, movies, and the globalization of American culture. NX180.G56 P45 2011
Roy, Ashok. National Gallery technical bulletin. Vol. 32, Leonardo da Vinci - pupil, painter and master. NB623.L6 A4 2011
Chico and Rita . AV AA1997 .C4531 2010
Footnote  = He'arat shulayim. AV AA1997 .F6684 2011
Monsieur Lazhar . AV AA1997 .M6574 2012
Pink Ribbons, Inc. . AV RC280.B8 P56 2012
Snow White and the huntsman . AV AA1997 .S6225 2012
The Avengers . AV AA1997 .A9464 2012
The best exotic Marigold Hotel . AV AA1997 .B4771 2012
The cabin in the woods . AV AA1997 .C3341 2011
The five-year engagement . AV AA1997 .F5941 2012
The merchant of Venice . AV AA1997 .M4734 2004
Where do we go now? . AV AA1997 .W4471 2012
Wretches and jabberers . AV RC429 ,W74 2010
Dalton, Maxine A. Becoming a more versatile learner. HF5549.5.T7 D353 1998
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Global woman : nannies, maids, and sex workers in the new economy. HD6072 .G55 2004
Esty, Daniel C. The green to gold business playbook : how to implement sustainability practices for bottom-line results in every business function. HD30.255 .E883 2011
Frith, Katherine Toland. Advertising and societies : global issues. HF5823 .F9826 2010
Galambos, Louis. The creative society--and the price Americans paid for it. HD53 .G357 2012
Graetz, Michael J. The end of energy : the unmaking of America's environment, security, and independence. HD9502.U52 G685 2011
Kates, Steven. Free market economics : an introduction for the general reader. HB95 .K28 2011
Kirkland, Karen. Ongoing feedback : how to get it, how to use it. HF5549.5.J62 K57 1998
Leibman, Pete. I got my dream job and so can you : 7 steps to creating your ideal career after college. HF5382.7 .L45 2012
McCauley, Cynthia D. Reaching your development goals. HF5381 .M396235 1998
Pascual, Carlos. Energy security : economics, politics, strategies, and implications. HD9502.A2 E55115 2010
Stibbe, Arran The handbook of sustainability literacy : skills for a changing world. HC79.E5 H328 2009
Tanzi, Vito. Government versus markets : the changing economic role of the state. HD3612 .T35 2011
Zhu, Zhiqun. Understanding East Asia's economic "miracles". HC460.5 .Z545 2009
Brooks-Young, Susan. Teaching with the tools kids really use : learning with Web and mobile technologies. LB1715 .B742 2010
Clough, Peter. A student's guide to methodology : justifying enquiry. LB1028 .C554 2012
DeMillo, Richard A. Abelard to Apple : the fate of American colleges and universities. LA227.4 .D46 2011
Fecho, Bob. Teaching for the students : habits of heart, mind, and practice in the engaged classroom. LB1025.3 .F43 2011
Fusco, Esther. Effective questioning strategies in the classroom : a step-by-step approach to engaged thinking and learning, K-8. LB1027.44 .F87 2012
Groark, Christina J. Early childhood intervention : shaping the future for children with special needs and their families. LC4019.2 .E25 2011
Kagan, Sharon Lynn. Early childhood systems : transforming early learning. LB1139.25 .E28 2012
Sax, Leonard. Boys adrift : the five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men. LC1390 .S29 2009
Tyre, Peg. The trouble with boys : a surprising report card on our sons, their problems at school, and what parents and educators must do. LC1397 .T97 2008
Warschauer, Mark. Learning in the cloud : how (and why) to transform schools with digital media. LB1028.3 .W35 2011
Campbell, Greg. Pot, Inc. : inside medical marijuana, America's most outlaw industry. RM666.C266 C34 2012
Kalyva, Efrosini. Autism : educational and therapeutic approaches. RJ506.A9 K35 2011
Koch, Tom. Disease maps : epidemics on the ground. RA792.5 .K633 2011
Liu, Michael Shiyung. Prescribing colonization : the role of medical practices and policies in Japan-ruled Taiwan, 1895-1945. R644.T28 L58 2009
McClellan, Chandler B. NBER Working Papers : Health and Healthcare HB1 .N37 
Amit, Zalman. Israeli rejectionism : a hidden agenda in the Middle East peace process. DS119.7 .A66526 2011
Cha, Victor D. The impossible state : North Korea, past and future. DS935.5 .C47 2012
Cook, Judith. Pirate queen : the life of Grace O'Malley, 1530-1603. DA936.O43 C66 2004
Cooper, William J. The American South : a history. F209 .C64 2009
Davis, Richard H. Global India circa 100 CE : South Asia in early world history. DS425 .D373 2009
Drucker, Peter F. The new realities : in government and politics, in economics and business, in society and world view. D849 .D78 1990
Houghton, Walter E. The Victorian frame of mind, 1830-1870. DA533 .H85 1985
Kerr, Alex. Dogs and demons : tales from the dark side of Japan. DS891 .K47 2001
Laurence, Jonathan. The emancipation of Europe's Muslims : the state's role in minority integration. D1056.2.M87 L384 2012
Lewis, Jayne Elizabeth. The trial of Mary Queen of Scots : a brief history with documents. DA787.A1 L625 1999
MacCormack, Sabine. On the wings of time : Rome, the Incas, Spain and Peru. F3429 .M164 2009
Maraniss, David. Barack Obama : the story. E908 .M368 2012
Matthews, Christopher N. The archaeology of American capitalism. E159.5 .M295 2010
Mines, Diane P. Caste in India. DS422.C3 M53 2009
Perry, Mark. Lift up thy voice : the Grimké family's journey from slaveholders to civil rights leaders. E185.98.A1 P47 2003
Potter, Lawrence G. The Persian Gulf : tradition and transformation. DS326 .P68 2011
Rabil, Robert G. Religion, national identity, and confessional politics in Lebanon : the challenge of Islamism. DS80.95 .R34 2011
Schmidt, John R. The unraveling : Pakistan in the age of Jihad. DS389 .S37 2011
Sharpe, Kevin. Writing lives : biography and textuality, identity and representation in early modern England. DA317 .W75 2012
Thompson, John. The life of John Thompson, a fugitive slave : containing his history of 25 years in bondage and his providential escape. E444.T47 A3 2011
Wells, Matthew V. To die and not decay : autobiography and the pursuit of immortality in early China. CT34.C6 W45 2009
Anaya, Rudolfo A. Bless me, Ultima. PS3551.N27 B58 1999
Austen, Jane. Jane Austen : the complete novels. PR4030 2006
Bloom, Harold. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown. PS1872.Y63 Y68 2004
Bronner, Yigal. South Asian texts in history : critical engagements with Sheldon Pollock. PK2903 .S725 2011
Callow, Simon. Charles Dickens and the great theatre of the world. PR4581 .C35 2012
Claeys, Gregory. The Cambridge companion to utopian literature. PN56.U8 C36 2010
Clark, Timothy . The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment. PN98.E36 C53 2011
Coupe, Laurence. The green studies reader : from Romanticism to ecocriticism. PR468.N3 G74 2000
Dante Alighieri. Inferno. PQ4315.2 .B36 2012
Dante Alighieri. The divine comedy. PQ4315 .S57 2008
Díaz, Junot. Drown. PS3554.I259 D76 1997
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. Crime and punishment. PG3326 .P7 2003
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. The brothers Karamazov : a novel in four parts and an epilogue. PG3326 .B7 2003
Fitzgerald, F. Scott . The great Gatsby. PS3511.I9 G7 1995
Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The love of the last tycoon : a western. PS3511.I9 L3 1994
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn. North and south. PR4710 .N65 1995
González, Bárbara Renaud. Golondrina, why did you leave me? : a novel. PS3607.O556 G65 2009
Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins. Iola Leroy, or, Shadows uplifted. PS1799.H7 I6 2010
James, E. L. Fifty shades of Grey. PR6110.A4555 F56 2012
Lewis, M. G. Journal of a West India proprietor : kept during a residence in the island of Jamaica. PR4887.5 .J6 1999
Miller, Arthur. Death of a salesman : certain private conversations in two acts and a requiem. PS3525.I5156 D4 1976
Moore, Lisa L. Transatlantic feminisms in the age of revolutions. PR113 .T73 2012
Narayan, R. K. The Ramayana : a shortened modern prose version of the Indian epic (suggested by the Tamil version of Kamban). PR9499.3.N3 R36 2006
Patrik, Linda E. Existential literature : an introduction. PN6071.E9 E95 2001
Pérez, Jorge. Cultural roundabouts : Spanish film and novel on the road. PN1995.9.R63 P47 2011
Rapaport, Herman. The literary theory toolkit : a compendium of concepts and methods. PN441 .R37 2011
Rushdy, Ashraf H. A. Neo-slave narratives : studies in the social logic of a literary form. PS374.S58 R87 1999
Ryden, Kent C. Sum of the parts : the mathematics and politics of region, place, and writing. PS228.R4 R93 2011
Shakespeare, William. The merchant of Venice. PR2825.A2 M34 2012
Shen, Jing. Playwrights and literary games in seventeenth-century China : plays by Tang Xianzu, Mei Dingzuo, Wu Bing, Li Yu, and Kong Shangren. PL2386 .S54 2010
Smith, Dodie. I capture the castle. PR6037.M38 I26 2003
Stump, Donald V. Elizabeth I and the 'sovereign arts' : essays in literature, history, and culture. PR428.E43 E45 2011
Weiss, Shira Wolosky. Poetry and public discourse in nineteenth-century America. PS316 .W45 2010
Wells, Stanley W. Shakespeare, sex, and love. PR3069 .S45 2012
Wight, Carol Van Buren. Sir Thomas More, and other verse PS3545.I26 S5 1925
Yamada, Teri Shaffer. Modern short fiction of Southeast Asia : a literary history. PL3508.4 .M63 2009
Bay-Williams, Jennifer M. Professional collaborations in mathematics teaching and learning : seeking success for all. QA11.2 .P764 2012
Turner, Craig. Methods and practice of Elizabethan swordplay. U860 .T87 1990
Brunk, Betsey King. Music therapy : another path to learning and communication for children on the autism spectrum. ML3920 .B772 2004
Katz, Mark. Groove music : the art and culture of the hip-hop DJ. ML3531 .K37 2012
Schoening, Benjamin S. Don't stop thinking about the music : the politics of songs and musicians in Presidential campaigns. ML3551 .S33 2012
Barnett, Michael N. Empire of humanity : a history of humanitarianism. JZ6369 .B348 2011
Bose, Sumantra. Contested lands : Israel-Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka. JZ5538 .B67 2010
Goldman, Merle. Political rights in post-Mao China. JQ1516 .G634 2007
Heffernan, Richard. Developments in British politics 9. JN231 .D497 2011
Hunt, Lynn. Inventing human rights : a history. JC585 .H89 2007
Jost, Kenneth. The Supreme Court A to Z. KF8742.A35 S8 2012
Mack, Kenneth Walter. Representing the race : the creation of the civil rights lawyer. KF372 .M33 2012
Miceli, Thomas J. The economic theory of eminent domain : private property, public use. KF5599 .M45 2011
Noueihed, Lin. The battle for the Arab Spring : revolution, counter-revolution and the making of a new era. JQ1850.A91 N68 2012
Popkin, Samuel L. The candidate : what it takes to win, and hold, the White House. JK524 .P63 2012
Raustiala, Kal. The knockoff economy : how imitation spurs innovation. KF3080 .R38 2012
Rees, G. Wyn. The US-EU security relationship : the tensions between a European and a global agenda. JZ1480.A54 R44 2011
Schaffer, Howard B. How Pakistan negotiates with the United States : riding the roller coaster. JZ1480.A57 P18 2011
Sinclair, Adriana. International relations theory and international law : a critical approach. K212 .S583 2010
Tocci, Nathalie. Turkey's European future : behind the scenes of America's influence on EU-Turkey relations. JZ1570.A57 T96 2011
Wellman, Christopher Heath. Debating the ethics of immigration : is there a right to exclude?. JV6038 .W45 2011
Wilson, Richard. Writing history in international criminal trials. KZ7145 .W55 2011
Adler, Patricia A. The tender cut : inside the hidden world of self-injury. RC569.5.S48 A35 2011
Biswas-Diener, Robert. Positive psychology as social change. BF204.6 .P655 2011
Carpenter, James. First sight : ESP and parapsychology in everyday life. BF1321 .C28 2012
Elliott, Anthony. Routledge handbook of identity studies. BF697.5.S65 R68 2011
LaFrance, Marianne. Lip service : smiles in life, death, trust, lies, work, memory, sex, and politics. BF637.N66 L34 2011
Lifton, Robert Jay. Thought reform and the psychology of totalism : a study of "brainwashing" in China. BF633 .L5 1989
Bode, Frederick A. Protestantism and the new South : North Carolina Baptists and Methodists in political crisis, 1894-1903. BR555.N78 B62 1975
Brueggemann, Walter. Peace. BS680.P4 B78 2001
Cahill, Susan Neunzig. Wise women : over two thousand years of spiritual writing by women. BL458 .W545 1996
Campbell, Gordon. Bible : the story of the King James Version, 1611-2011. BS186 .C35 2010
Catholic Church. Catechism of the Catholic Church. BX1959.3.E5 C38 1995
Cohen, Norman J. The Fundamentalist phenomenon : a view from within; a response from without. BL238 .F85 1990
Coogan, Michael David. The new Oxford annotated Bible : with the Apocrypha. BS191.5.A1 2010 N49 2010
Cunningham, Eric. Zen past and present. BQ9262.3 .C86 2011
Dorman, Benjamin. Celebrity gods : new religions, media, and authority in occupied Japan. BV652.97.J3 D67 2012
Ferguson, Duncan S. Biblical hermeneutics : an introduction. BS476 .F45 1986
Goodman, Dena. The Enlightenment. B802 .E532 2004
Harvey, Paul. Through the storm, through the night : a history of African American Christianity. BR563.N4 H3783 2011
Klagge, James Carl. Wittgenstein in exile. B3376.W564 K55 2011
Krebs, Dennis. The origins of morality : an evolutionary account. BJ1311 .K74 2011
Liao, Yiwu. God is red : the secret story of how Christianity survived and flourished in Communist China. BR1288 .L68 2011
Muñoz, Vincent Phillip. God and the founders : Madison, Washington, and Jefferson. BR516 .M86 2009
Newsome, James D. Greeks, Romans, Jews : currents of culture and belief in the New Testament world. BM176 .N496 1992
Olson, Carl. Theory and method in the study of religion : a selection of critical readings. BL41 .T48 2003
Parker, Robert. On Greek religion. BL790 .P37 2011
Parker, Thomas Henry Louis. Calvin's New Testament commentaries. BS2350 .P37 1993
Placher, William C. Narratives of a vulnerable God : Christ, theology, and scripture. BT140 .P53 1994
Polkinghorne, J. C. Science and religion in quest of truth. BL240.3 .P6455 2011
Putnam, Hilary. Reason, truth, and history. BD171 .P875 1981
Rasor, Paul B. From Jamestown to Jefferson : the evolution of religious freedom in Virginia. BR555.V8 F76 2011
Rolston, Holmes. Three big bangs : matter-energy, life, mind. B818 .R65 2010
Sallis, John. Being and logos : reading the Platonic dialogues. B395 .S23 1996
Shook, John R. Dewey's enduring impact : essays on America's philosopher. B945.D44 D4955 2011
Singer, Peter. Practical ethics. BJ1012 .S49 2011
Snell, Daniel C. Religions of the ancient Near East. BL1060 .S64 2011
St. Clair, Michael. So much, so fast, so little time : coming to terms with rapid change and its consequences. BD373 .S7 2011
Walters, Kerry S. Revolutionary deists : early America's rational infidels. BL2747.4 .W35 2011
Wellman, James K. Religion and human security : a global perspective. BL65.S375 R44 2012
Blum, Andrew. Tubes : a journey to the center of the Internet. TK5105.875.I57 B58 2012
DeWitt, Richard. Worldviews : an introduction to the history and philosophy of science. Q125 .D38 2010
Elger, D. F. Engineering fluid mechanics. TA357 .R6 2013
Grove, Richard. Green imperialism : colonial expansion, tropical island Edens, and the origins of environmentalism, 1600-1860. GE195 .G76 1995
Hannah, Lee Jay. Saving a million species : extinction risk from climate change. QC902.9 .S28 2012
Moreno, Jonathan D. The body politic : the battle over science in America. Q175.5 .M6635 2011
Perthuis, Christian de. Economic choices in a warming world. QC981.8.G56 P475 2011
Stone, Brian, Jr. The city and the coming climate : climate change in the places we live. QC903 .S86 2012
Alexander, Michelle. The new Jim Crow : mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness. HV9950 .A437 2012
Beamish, Rob. The promise of sociology : the classical tradition and contemporary sociological thinking. HM586 .B43 2010
Bernstein, Nina. The lost children of Wilder : the epic struggle to change foster care. HV885.N5 B46 2002
Brodzinsky, David. Adoption by lesbians and gay men : a new dimension in family diversity. HV875.72.U6 A36 2012
Byrd, Alexander X. Captives and voyagers : black migrants across the eighteenth-century British Atlantic world. HT1161 .B97 2010
Caulkins, Jonathan P. Marijuana legalization : what everyone needs to know. HV5822.M3 M2935 2012
Christianson, Scott. Last gasp : the rise and fall of the american gas chamber. HV8699.U5 C415 2010
Cross, Mary. Bloggerati, twitterati : how blogs and Twitter are transforming popular culture. HM851 .C75 2011
Cullen, Francis T. The origins of American criminology. HV6022.U6 O75 2011
Dalacoura, Katerina. Islamist terrorism and democracy in the Middle East. HV6433.M5 D35 2011
Drucker, Ernest M. A plague of prisons : the epidemiology of mass incarceration in America. HV8705 .D78 2011
Fenstermaker, Sarah. Sociologists backstage : answers to 10 questions about what they do. HM571 .F46 2011
Holloway, Susan D. Women and family in contemporary Japan. HQ1762 .H643 2010
Holt, Thomas J. Crime on-line : correlates, causes, and context. HV6773 .C763 2011
Hymowitz, Kay S. Manning up : how the rise of women has turned men into boys. HQ1090.3 .H96 2011
Kaplan, David E. Yakuza : Japan's criminal underworld. HV6453.J33 Y355 2003
Kleiman, Mark. Drugs and drug policy : what everyone needs to know. HV5801 .K54 2011
Lamas, Marta. Feminism : transmissions and retransmissions. Marta Lamas ; translated by John Pluecker ; introduction by Jean Franco. HQ1233 .L3513 2011
Lareau, Annette. Unequal childhoods : class, race, and family life. HQ767.9 .L37 2011
Marschark, Marc. How deaf children learn : what parents and teachers need to know. HV2391 .M257 2012
Murray, Sandra L. Interdependent minds : the dynamics of close relationships. HQ801 .M855 2011
O'Donnell, Katherine. Love, sex, intimacy, and friendship between men, 1550-1800. HQ76 .L78 2007
Oldfield, J. R. Popular politics and British anti-slavery : the mobilisation of public opinion against the slave trade, 1787-1807. HT1162 .O57 1998
Plummer, Kenneth. Sociology : the basics. HM585 .P58 2010
Rath, Tom. Wellbeing : the five essential elements. HN25 .R38 2010
Reich, Adam D. Hidden truth : young men navigating lives in and out of juvenile prison. HV9069 .R435 2010
Saikia, Yasmin. Women, war, and the making of Bangladesh : remembering 1971. HQ1236.5.B33 S255 2011
Savage, Dan. It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living. HQ76.27.Y68 I74 2012
Schiffrin, Anya. From Cairo to Wall Street : voices from the global spring. HM881 .F76 2012
Shumsky, Neil L. Homelessness : a documentary and reference guide. HV4504 .S58 2012
Staller, Karen M. Seeking justice in child sexual abuse : shifting burdens and sharing responsibilities. HV6570.2 .S44 2010
Sternheimer, Karen. Celebrity culture and the American dream : stardom and social mobility. HN57 .S774 2011
Stuntz, William J. The collapse of American criminal justice. HV7432 .S78 2011
Thomas-Jones, Angela. The host in the machine : examining the digital in the social. HM851 .T53 2010
Vander Ven, Thomas. Getting wasted : why college students drink too much and party so hard. HV5135 .V36 2011
Watson, Elwood. Performing American masculinities : the 21st-century man in popular culture. HQ1090.3 .P46 2011
Wyman, Mark. Hoboes : bindlestiffs, fruit tramps, and the harvesting of the West. HV4504 .W96 2010
Zayas, Luis H. Latinas attempting suicide : when cultures, families, and daughters collide. HV6546 .Z39 2011
Schwartz, Peggy. The dance claimed me : a biography of Pearl Primus. GV1785.P73 S38 2011
Williams, Drid. Teaching dancing with ideokinetic principles. GV1589 .W55 2011