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Gifts and Donations

Donations of Materials

  1. Donated materials are accepted under the condition that the College Librarian determines the manner in which the items are filed, catalogued, disposed of and/or displayed.
  2. All gifts become part of the general collection. Special conditions will not be attached to their use.
  3. A receipt for tax purposes will be given when requested for any donation, however the Library cannot affix a value to the material.

The Library policy conforms to the “Statement on appraisal of gifts” developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Gifts of Money

  1. Gifts of money will be accepted if the conditions attached to the gift are acceptable to the College Librarian and the College Business Office.
  2. The Library will accept gifts of money for the purchase of a memorial. The College Librarian and the donor will select the material. The general nature of the material, or its subject area will be based upon the interests of the person honored, the wishes of the donor and the needs of the Library.
  3. The donor, the honoree, or the family of any person memorialized will receive written acknowledgement of the gift.