Health Care Administration


The Health Care Administration Program recognizes the value of a working experience internship and holds it as an integral part of an undergraduate liberal arts education.

The program stands committed to the principle that health care administration includes all those activities and people involved in the promotion of the physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals. All organizations and services on the broad continuum of health and medical care are to be included as appropriate areas in which students can do internships. This continuum includes, but is not limited to hospitals, clinics, managed care systems, long term care facilities, private practices, government agencies, and health related industries. All HCA majors are required to do an internship.


Placement of junior/senior-level undergraduate students in the Health Care Administration Program with a “hands-on” experience that is mutually beneficial to the student and to the organization where she is placed. Two types of internships exist: HCA 287 which is an optional, exploratory and pre-professional in nature (for sophomores) and HCA 387 the required, professional development-oriented internship (for juniors — completed one year prior to graduation). All internships involve a community service component.

For more information on the HCA Internship component, and a list of sample internship projects, see the HCA Program Handbook (PDF).