Health Care Administration


There are five specific scholarships which apply solely to the Health Care Administration Program.

Carpenter Scholarships: A total of $10,000 is awarded annually to health care administration majors based upon academic merit and financial need. These are usually given in $2,000 amounts.

Wilkinson – Carpenter Scholarship: This $1,500 scholarship was established in 1999 in memory of Sue Wilkinson, R.N. It is intended to be a source of financial assistance for a selected health care administration major from either the College for Women or the Adult Degree Program.

Note: All declared majors in HCA are invited to apply for these awards. HCA faculty, working with representatives of the financial aid office, and the registrar’s office, gather the pertinent information necessary to make appropriate decisions. Decisions as to scholarship winners are made late in the spring semester of each academic year.


Augusta Health Care, Inc.: Kinnaird Scholarship awarded by AHC for a student to do an internship at the Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville, VA (state-wide competition with other colleges/universities).

Note: For additional information on these scholarships and opportunities, please see a member of the HCA faculty before making application.