What is the Global Honors Scholar Program?

Logan Dill

“I’m getting the most out of my time here. The program challenges me to move past my comfort zone and grow as a student and as a person.”

Logan Dill ’11

MBC’s Global Honors Scholars Program offers you a challenging and engaging path to achievement through a rich array of classes, hands-on experience, and connections on campus, in the local community, and beyond our borders.

Academic Enrichment

  • Your Honors Advisor: You work with a member of the honors faculty, distinguished by superb scholarship and commitment to talented young women
  • First Year Seminar: Working with the renowned American Shakespeare Center’s actors and directors, your honors class gets behind the scenes at the Blackfriars Playhouse to complete an original project or take a special science enrichment course.
  • Meet world leaders, artists, and scholars: You’ll be invited to exclusive events where you spend quality time with visiting dignitaries such as the year’s visiting Doenges artist.
  • Honors Courses: Exclusive access to interdisciplinary colloquia in the arts, sciences, and humanities; honors classes and honors contracts; independent research, creative projects, and teaching assistantships

Perks and Privileges

  • Special Events: Dean’s Reception and welcome for new upperclasswomen
  • Living-Learning Community: special housing for Honors Scholars
  • Priority in course registration and the room lottery
  • Field Trips: Dance, theatre, concerts, and more
  • Honor Scholar Society: After your freshman year become a leader in the Honors Scholars community and help plan special events.