Dr. Pamela Fox

Mary Baldwin College

April 7, 2004, Editorial in The News Leader, Staunton

Inauguration Was a Breath of Fresh Air

Dr. Pamela Fox has been president of Mary Baldwin College in all but full title since 2003, so last week's inauguration was really only the festive icing on a cake that's been baking for quite a while. Thus, if our congratulations to Fox seem somewhat muted - like fireworks on a rainy, chilly night - we hope she will understand that it is only because we are already accustomed to knowing her in her role as a leader in both the community and at Mary Baldwin.

That said, we must acknowledge that Fox took on her official role as president of the college in an inaugural ceremony that rivaled all but some of Staunton's historically legendary events in both style and substance.

The style evidenced - from Fox's adoption of an African symbol of unity to embody her goals and leadership philosophy to the diverse multicultural musical offerings at her inauguration to the new president's embrace of the entire Staunton community - were a breath of fresh air.

The substance - viewed from the perspective of a full year in office for Fox, in spirit if not in full title - is living proof that the newest president of Mary Baldwin College is dedicated to leading the college to new heights during her tenure.

This is not meant to downplay the contributions of any of Fox's predecessors or to imply they were somehow lacking; it's not. But Fox's leadership style and world view are obviously such a quantum leap forward for Mary Baldwin that it augurs well for the college, Staunton and community in general. We are all - individually and together - evolving. Dr. Fox's joyful and spirited taking of the reins last week is proof that evolution can be both fun and stylish as well as a necessary step toward perfection.

(Reprinted with permission.)


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